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Absentee Governor Christie Spotted At Trump Super Tuesday Event

After calling it quits on his bid for the White House, Governor Chris Christie was seen standing behind Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on the eve of “Super Tuesday” at Trump campaign headquarters in Palm Beach, Florida.

While at times looking uncomfortable (or “bewildered,” according to The Palm Beach Post), the former presidential contender and Governor of New Jersey stood behind Trump after he won a sizable victory among states voting in the primary election today.

Christie and Trump (Fox News screen grab)

Addressing media and campaign supporters present at his campaign headquarters, Trump praised Christie Tuesday night, proclaiming “Politicians are all talk, no action – aside from Chris Christie, of course.”

On Tuesday, Governor Christie continued to face a rash of criticism for his emphatic endorsement of Trump, which stands in stark contrast from statements made by the governor just weeks ago.

Here are just a few of the things Christie attacked Trump over during the course of the 2016 race:

Taking a 180 degree turn from those comments, Christie wholeheartedly endorsed the Republican frontrunner and real estate tycoon.

“Donald Trump is someone who keeps his word and that means America will keep its word again,” Christie said of Trump Friday. “He’s providing strong leadership that’s not dependent upon the status quo.”

Despite Christie’s criticism of the status quo, in Ocean County the status quo has been kind to him, with Ocean County Republicans previously recruiting volunteers to travel on the campaign trail with Christie in New Hampshire.

They might not have the same love for their former “favored son” as one GOP insider characterized Christie.

In the wake of his endorsement, Christie has faced public backlash from campaign insiders. Meg Whitman, the CEO of Hewlett-Packard and the former finance co-chair of Christie’s campaign ripping his endorsement of Trump as an “astonishing display of political opportunism,”

Whitman continued, “Trump would take America on a dangerous journey. Christie knows all that and indicated as much many times publicly.”

As Governor Christie attempts to remain nationally relevant as his time as governor nears its end, this is far from the last public appearance Christie will make leading up to the 2016 election.

Plenty of things seem to be on his agenda. Running the state of New Jersey doesn’t appear to be very high on that list, at least for the time being.

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