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End of an Era in Waretown?

 With Tredy In Trouble, Insiders Predict Demise Of Tredy-Wetter Era

Mayor Dennis Tredy and Deputy Mayor Tina Wetter.

Mayor Dennis Tredy and Deputy Mayor Tina Wetter.

WARETOWN – With one spot on the township committee up for grabs in 2016, the Ocean Township Republican club held its endorsement vote last week – and the results appear to be a vote of no confidence against incumbent mayor Dennis Tredy.

Waretown GOP insiders told Ocean County Politics that the vote of the local GOP not to endorse a sitting mayor was an unprecedented move in all-Republican Waretown’s recent history.

The Republican party has instead handed its endorsement to newcomer Dr. Benjamin LoParo, a Waretown chiropractor with offices on Route 9.

The endorsement vote saw two rounds. On the first ballot, Mayor Tredy and Dr. LoParo were tied, getting 19 votes each. Incumbent committeeman Daniel Collamer‘s running mate, Gary Cottrell picked up 11 votes.

The second ballot saw Mr. Cottrell eliminated, leaving Tredy and LoParo to face off. In a 28 – 21 vote, LoParo emerged victorious, securing the “party line” for the June primary election.

A source in the Ocean Township Republican Club said that Waretown’s Republicans have grown tired of the way the town has been run under the administration led by Mayor Tredy and running mate Deputy Mayor Tina Wetter.

“Beginning of the end” For Tredy and Wetter

“The buzz within the club was that it was time to remove Dennis,” the GOP source told us, on the condition of anonymity. The GOP insider cited a “lack of progress” and “poor judgement” exercised by the Tredy-Wetter administration, specifically the recent PBA negotiations.

“It’s the beginning of the end for the Tredy-Wetter era,” they added.

Wetter is not up for re-election until 2017, but incumbent Tredy’s inability to secure the Republican club’s endorsement may be a sign of things to come for Ms. Wetter.

Wetter’s Daughter Convicted Of Embezzling Over $500K From Township’s Law Firm

Wetter’s tenure on the township committee was most notably characterized by her daughter Sharon’s criminal activity while employed by the law firm that represents Waretown. Sharon Wetter was convicted of embezzling over $500,000 from the Dasti firm while employed as a bookkeeper. Wetter was convicted of writing checks drawn on law firm accounts to pay for her credit card bills, her car payment, and subsequently changing the firm’s electronic financial records to make it look like the payments were legitimate.

For that, Wetter earned a 21 month stay in federal prison, followed by supervised release. Ocean County Clerk’s Office records also show that Wetter was ordered to pay over $521,000 in restitution.

While the club has already bestowed its coveted endorsement, nothing is stopping the other candidates from running in the June primary, making a contested primary likely for the small municipality.

Both Tredy and LoParo did not return requests for comment.

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