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Eagleswood, Island Heights

School Bond Referendums In Eagleswood, Island Heights

After having previous public questions rejected by voters in the fall of 2015, two Ocean County municipalities are taking a second bite at the apple, and will hold special school elections in March.

Island Heights:

The Island Heights Elementary School

The Island Heights Elementary School

Island Heights will have one public question on the ballot for the March special school election. The district is seeking to bond just under $3 million to make improvement to the Island Heights Elementary School.

According to a school district statement, if voters approve the referendum, it will fund new roofing, HVAC, security doors, windows, siding, bathroom renovations and additional infrastructure and electrical improvements to the elementary school to bring it up to current building standards.

The district attempted a similar bond referendum last fall, and it was rejected by voters.

Sample ballot.


Eagleswood Township Elementary School is in a similar position. Voters rejected the district’s last bond referendum, and next week the school district will seek voter approval for over $4.3 million in bonds.

“Our building is in urgent need of repair and replacement of equipment due to the school’s aging infrastructure.” said a statement by school district officials.

School officials prepared a packet to convince voters on why they believe the referendum should be approved, citing dilapidated school infrastructure, among other concerns.

Sample ballot.

State law allows 40% of the bond debt service payments to be offset with state aid money, with the remainder of the burden being shifted to the local property tax levy. Debt service payments, however, are not within the 2% property tax increase cap established by Governor Christie.

Both elections will take place on March 8th, 2016 at regular polling places in Island Heights and Eagleswood.



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