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Gilmore Stumps For Trump


The eyebrows of the Republican establishment have been collectively raised with the news that Ocean County Republican Boss George Gilmore is running as an at-large delegate for Donald Trump to the Republican National Convention.

The New Jersey Division of Elections released the preliminary list of those who will be appearing on the Republican primary ballot in June on Monday, the deadline for submitting petitions – and none other than George Gilmore will be appearing on the ballot under Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan in all of New Jersey’s 21 counties.

The Ocean County Republican organization previously  endorsed nobody for president at their annual convention, according to the Asbury Park Press.

The move comes as a surprise due to the ongoing scuffle over Freeholder Virginia “Ginny” Haines’ RNC National Committeewoman post, which saw Gilmore and Governor Trump Campaign Surrogate Chris Christie on opposite sides.

Gilmore's spot on the list

Gilmore’s spot on the list

Brokered Convention A Possibility

The revelation surrounds rumors of a brokered convention being a possibility should Trump fail to hit the 1237 delegate “magic number” to guarantee victory. If Trump cannot secure a victory on the first ballot, pledged delegates would be free to support anyone they choose rather than the candidate they were required to vote for the first time around.

In national media reports, some have rumored that the Republican establishment has planted party loyalists as Trump delegates in the hopes that they can “steal” the nomination from Trump, according to former Trump campaign manager Roger Stone.

The question at this point is, will the rest of Ocean County fall in line behind Boss George in support of Trump? We’ll see what happens at the upcoming Ocean County Republican presidential endorsement convention.

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