Establishment GOP Lawyer Turning Office Into Trump Call Center

Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. He can be reached via email at or via phone at (848)-667-0840 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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    I doubt Mr. Trump even knows these people let alone cozy’s up to them. If you s t r e t c h this stuff too far you will lose any credibility you thought you had! ????

    • So you don’t think there is any correlation between Chris Christie going all in for Trump and the sudden enthusiasm for Trump being shown by the same donors (under Christie’s control through Gilmore) that delivered Ocean County’s votes for Christie? Connect the dots. In Ocean County, Trump = Gilmore, plain and simple. George is even a delegate. If you have concrete proof that shows otherwise, then I would love to see it. Until you can do that, I can’t place much weight on your ruminations. If the OC GOP status quo has been serving you well, then by all means vote for Trump.

      • VinBick

        So in New Jersey, you may prefer the Democrat stars like Corzine, McGreavy, Menendez, et al to be in power? No thanks. They muck up the garden in the Garden State far more so than ANY GOP power brokers. Ocean County is a beautiful place to live, work, and relax. The “D” kingpins in our wonderful state run the urban paradises in Essex, Hudson, Mercer, and Camden counties. Are Democrat-controlled cities, towns and counties the best places to live? Chicago, Philly, D.C., San Fran, and L.A. are run so well, right?

        • I am not going to argue with the fact that Democrats in other regions of the state have mucked things up. I have gone after corrupt Democrats and corrupt Republicans on this site and have no financial relationship with either party. For me it really has nothing to do with any party loyalty. In fact, I think we’d be better off without any political parties at all since they only seem to serve the elites at the expense of the common man. Cronyism and corruption is not limited to just one party. With all of that being said, how can you be so sure that Mr. Trump will do better, given that he has donated to Hillary Clinton and other corrupt Democrats in the past? Surely if you oppose the “kingpins” as you called them, Mr. Trump’s past donations would be something of concern to you. I would be interested in hearing your take on this, since you seem to be pretty enthusiastic about Mr. Trump’s ability to do well for the middle class. We cannot define ourselves simply as Republican or Democrat. Before any party loyalties, we must be Americans first. Washington warned of the dangers of factions.

          • guest

            Don’t forget Tom Kunz is a big wig in the Toms river rep club , run by it’s leader Juan Bellu..

          • Yes, I will have a lot more on him and the TRMUA next week. My phone has been ringing off the hook.

          • 1944 W.C.

            Can only imagine those ring a dings , he run’s the TR Municipal of MUA (with his former boss from Brick) and he also Chair’s the local Republican TR GOP org. in town.

          • Brickey

            How does he run these organizations when he does not even live in Toms River?

          • guest

            Getting calls from Seaside Park?

          • Kenny La Monica

            I think they, being the Toms River R organization, ran him for Toms River School board a few years ago, to no avail.

          • guest

            You mean Seaside..

          • landry

            Wrong. That Trump call center is in Toms River.

          • VinBick

            You added in a lot that was not included in my comment. Your finances are none of my business, your views on parties vs. no parties, and Trump and the middle class.were not addressed in what I said here.

            Have read your articles for the last six weeks or so at this website. I have only seen copy that blasts the GOP people in all of the presented articles. I mention in the comment above that you have been ignoring the Democrat folks who have been far worse than the small time “pay for play” cronies here in Ocean County.

            There were a couple of other GOP presidential candidates that I supported ahead of Trump. Americans now have the choice between the ill-qualified, dishonest Hillary and an outsider promising to uproot the status quo. Any nimnon who is willing to vote for Hillary is willingly blind to corrupt politics. Mr Trump is a huge question mark as a president. Of course, the Democrat party may have to scramble for a new candidate between now and November if an expected indictment is forthcoming. Then Joe “the genius” Biden is in play, or the fake Indian princess from Harvard becomes the candidate.

          • Guest

            Typical uneducated right wing rube. how have you been enjoying your property taxes being raised by the RepubliCONS every year to pay for the friends and family plan? Do you have a county job or something? Do you really think Jack kelly is doing a good job? The King and Happy Gilmore need to go.

          • VinBick

            Like the writer of this article, you project so many off topic items into someone’s comment. Do you live in your Mom’s basement while writing such stupid stuff? Guess you do not work, either? Taxes being raised in New Jersey are the order of the day of the Donkey Party. Talk about ignorant comments; you must have a doctorate in donkey dong.

          • TRWatch

            Hey Vin, How do you feel about Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, and his, almost, $100,000 in federal tax liens? I think he should resign, don’t you?

          • guest

            Problem is no one cared last time and no one cares now. He will get elected in a big way again this November, and I think you know that. If you think Greg will lose in Nov, you are living in the wrong county….not saying it’s right. Just saying he will win, take that to the bank.

          • TRWatch

            They cared enough in TR he wasn’t allowed to run for mayor, and I will lay $10 mill. he doesn’t win in November, care to take me up on the wager.

          • guest

            LMAO, I would bet 20 million anyone even knows who is running against him! You are delusional.

          • FJLinNJ
  • VinBick

    Glad to see the establishment supporting the next president of the US! So, do the writers and editor of this local rag want Honest Hillary & BJ Bill back in the White House once again? Come one, folks, lets’s all turn New Jersey RED in November instead of supporting Lefty Loons who will further degrade our great nation! Eight years of Stinky BO has been more than enough destruction.

  • Heroin Zombies

    Perhaps the DO NOTHING S on Lacey Rd the Congressmen and the TC and the Freeloaders could take a break hiring friends and family plan members and get RT 9 re paved?

    • Route 9 is a disaster in Forked River and Lanoka Harbor. I put in a report with the state DOT and nothing fixed. The county just repaved parts of West Lacey Road and Manchester Avenue though, which was nice. It seems like the state is the problem here, again.

  • Jason


  • llewellynh

    The issue can be resolved by going to the FEC website where it seems clear to me that WHAT a person does has no bearing on the in-kind donation or the accepting of rent to use part of a private business person’s real estate – rented or owned.

    Town, County, State and non-profit owned real estate may NOT be used for any sort of campaign office but a private lawyer is permitted no matter who his clients are, to donate in-kind services.

    And if the candidate choses another route, he would be paying rent out of his donated campaign finances.

    So one way or another campaigns and donations are part of the existing game. The bigger picture also includes the much more expensive fund raising parties and dinners but that, too, is legal. Even more disconcerting are the huge PAC’s behind all candidates.

    Doubt sincerely if Trump or Clinton or Sanders know who selects these usually store front or similar locations to be campaign headquarters. No doubt the local parties do the closing and down here because we have a one party system, TPTB in Ocean County are going to seek out one of their friends to open up space to bring the public in.

    The law would have to be radically changed so that some sort of neutral space could be found and used but dollars to donuts we would then see these activities going on in what is now the forbidden use of public owned space. Don’t see the improvement in that route.