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Establishment GOP Lawyer Turning Office Into Trump Call Center

The “Trump Train” has rolled into Toms River, and it has stopped at the most unlikely of places.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Terry Brady

Terry Brady

An establishment Toms River GOP lawyer is turning his law firm – which represents public agencies, including many towns in Ocean County – into a call center to support phone-banking efforts for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign this Saturday, according to an announcement made by the campaign.

The Law Offices of Brady & Kunz (formerly Coronato, Brady & Kunz) will host Trump volunteers, who are being recruited to call would-be voters on behalf of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee this weekend.

Here’s a screenshot of the announcement sent out by Trump’s New Jersey campaign, which listed locations open to volunteers Saturday:


The law offices, with a sole Donald Trump for president sign. (Photo by Gavin Rozzi)

Donald Trump’s Friends In Ocean County Aren’t Very “Anti-Establishment”

While Terry Brady may just be your average connected lawyer who reaps the benefits of one party rule here in Ocean County, the fact that he is rolling out the red carpet for the outspoken businessman’s campaign speaks volumes as to the substance of Mr. Trump’s portrayal of himself as an “anti-establishment” candidate in the GOP race.

We last caught up with Mr. Brady when he went berserk over our cameras at a Lacey Township Planning Board meeting.  While trampling the first amendment, Brady demanded that Ocean County Politics provide him with advance notice before filming any planning board meetings, or risk not being “welcomed back” – whatever that is supposed to mean.

Mr. Brady – who made $4,050 in donations last year to get $169,200 in public contracts – is the former partner of current Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato, who was once the Toms River Republican party’s municipal chair.

Tom Kelaher And Frank Holman Are Not Far Behind

Brady’s building, located at 680 Hooper Avenue, also houses some other well-known GOP professionals, most of which are jointed at the hip with the leadership of the Ocean County Republican organization, including Toms River mayor Tom Kelaher’s law firm, Kelaher, Van Dyke & Moriarity, and auditing firm Holman, Frenia, Allison, a big donor in municipal races.

Despite Mr. Trump portraying himself as an “outsider,” the unconventional candidate has quickly cozied up to the establishment power players right here in Ocean County, so despite Trump’s rhetoric, it doesn’t appear that much will change in Ocean County should he become the next president of the United States.

The volunteer who makes the most calls for Trump in the state Saturday will be awarded a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap, according to the campaign.

Click here to sign up to volunteer (Just don’t bring any cameras!)

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