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Berkeley Mayor Carmen Amato Gets a Raise

Carmen Amato

Neatly tucked away in this year’s Berkeley Township municipal budget is a nearly 194% increase to the salary Mayor Carmen Amato (R) receives for performing his duties as an elected official.

Amato Does It Again

Thus far, 2016 has been a good year for the politically connected in Berkeley, as public records revealed that Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato will now receive $25,000 per year for serving as the township’s mayor, a $16,500 jump from the $8,500 the incumbent Republican has received in years past. Elected members of Berkeley’s council currently receive $8,000 each, according to the township’s municipal code.

Carmen Amato

Carmen Amato

The compensation he receives as mayor is far from the only public salary Mr. Amato is currently collecting. Berkeley’s mayor also receives a base salary of $96,864 as director of the Ocean County Printing and Graphics Department, and is also an appointed commissioner on the Ocean County Utilities Authority, for which he receives a $5,000 per year stipend and the option of taking health benefits. Amato’s wife is also currently employed by the Berkeley elementary school district, according to the mayor’s 2016 financial disclosure statement filed with the state.

The current Ocean County Utilities Authority budget estimates Mr. Amato’s total compensation received from public entities at $133,376 (not including this raise).

Some Berkeley residents were miffed that their elected officials decided to hold a special meeting to pass the budget on Monday, July 11th, at 10 a.m. in the morning – a time when most of the township’s taxpayers were at work – and unable to attend the meeting to voice their concerns.


The 2016 budget, showing the raise.


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