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George Gilmore Named to Trump Fundraising Team

George Gilmore

Ocean County Republican Chairman George R. Gilmore has been named as a New Jersey statewide fundraising leader for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign, the RNC and Trump campaign announced in a joint statement.

George Gilmore

George Gilmore

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The man who many would consider the most powerful man in Ocean County politics has received another title, he’s now an official fundraiser for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, second only to Governor Chris Christie’s brother Todd on the list of New Jersey finance chairs named by the Trump campaign.

Earlier in the campaign, the powerful county chairman was previously listed as a Trump delegate, while others politically close to Gilmore like 3rd congressional district Rep. Tom MacArthur circulated petitions to be a Trump delegate, but never filed them, possibly in an effort to avoid blowback from those who don’t support the polarizing candidate.

“Having so many long-time supporters eager to come on board signals our nationwide fundraising effort is continuing to gain steam months ahead of Election Day,” said RNC finance chairman Lew Eisenberg in a statement announcing the addition to the campaign.

A frequent criticism of Trump’s campaign operation compared to other presidential campaigns has been a real or perceived lack of attention to fundraising by Mr. Trump’s unconventional Republican presidential campaign

“Having experienced fundraising and business leaders in place means we are well-prepared for the long fight ahead against Hillary Clinton,” added Trump’s finance chair Steve Mnuchin in a statement.

Ocean County’s Republicans previously kept Trump at a distance, but later endorsed the presumptive Republican presidential nominee after Christie got on board with the campaign. From that point, other Ocean Couny professionals embraced Trump.

Gilmore Is Still Behind On His Bills

Despite having a very successful legal and political career, his current failure to pay his personal income taxes or water bills on both of his Toms River homes raises questions about the value of any financial assistance he could give to The Donald, but there’s no question he can bring in money from “the professionals” to seal the deal.

Last year, Gilmore’s law firm directly gave just $11,350.00 in political campaign contributions, but got $2,511,652.84 in public contracts, according to New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission records. Most of the contributions – rather than being made directly – are made from organizations like the Ocean County GOP Finance Committee and Chairman’s PAC. Such political slush funds are becoming more prominent rather than individual donors, as GOP heavyweights throw their weights behind efforts like the Shore Republican Finance Committee, GOPAC, and most recently, SolutionsNJ.

Thus far, this website has been the only news website to disclose the fact that he currently has hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of federal tax liens, despite deriving a substantial portion of his income from taxpayer-funded contracts with public entities. On a state level, Gilmore and the firm have had judgments filed against him in the past. In those cases, the State of New Jersey, Division of Taxation was the plaintiff, and in another case Gilmore and Lawrence Koerner were named in a separate judgement.

The three homes owned by Gilmore in Toms River currently have $827.09 worth of delinquent water & sewer charges, going as far back as those due in January, according to Toms River MUA records.

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