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9th District Assemblyman Rumpf Turns Down Rumored Judgeship

Asm. Rumpf (left) Asw. Gove (center) amd Sen. Connors (right)

Throughout 2016, Republicans have been abuzz about 9th District Assemblyman Brian Rumpf, who amid health issues, was said to have been offered a superior court judgeship, but turned it down. We caught up with Assemblyman Rumpf, and he says he plans to stay right where he is in the state General Assembly.

Asm. Rumpf (left) Asw. Gove (center) amd Sen. Connors (right)

Asm. Rumpf (left) Asw. Gove (center) amd Sen. Connors (right)

“Over the past several months, there have been various rumors that I’d consider accepting a judgeship and thus, resign from my elected position as an Assemblyman in the 9th Legislative District,” the Rumpf told Ocean County Politics this week.

Mr. Rumpf, citing a 2011 injury, said he continued to be confronted by “physical challenges” from multiple medical procedures as he continues his recovery. He said that his injury and ongoing recovery has led some to speculate about his future in the state legislature.

But despite his injury, don’t count Rumpf out just yet.

“To put those rumors to rest, I want to state, unequivocally, that I fully intend to continue serving in the State Legislature where I am honored to represent the people of the 9th Legislative District.”

Continued Rumpf “As a practicing attorney and Legislator, I have a tremendous respect for both the law and the judicial branch of government. Certainly, it would be an honor as well to serve in the Courts. However, serving in the Legislature is not something that I could simply walk away from when there is so much work left to do in our state.”

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