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Investigation: “No Question” Kelly In-Law Fromosky Violated Sexual Harassment Policy


More details have emerged about the allegations of impropriety made against Michael Fromosky, a member of Freeholder Jack Kelly’s extended family who was set to become the new head of the Ocean County Corrections Department, but was given a job in Little Egg Harbor after the county job fell through.

Michael Fromosky

Michael Fromosky

Chief Buzby

Chief Buzby

We previously broke the story in late July about the disciplinary charges filed against Mr. Fromosky, and a confidential report obtained by Ocean County Politics is starting to shed more light on the situation. The report was authored by attorney Robert Greitz of the firm Citta, Holzapfel & Zabarsky. Greitz’s firm was retained by Little Egg Harbor Township to investigate multiple complaints made by several township employees against Fromosky, and after interviewing witnesses and the victims, he concluded there is “no question” that Fromosky violated the township’s sexual harassment policy by making a statement on the job that a female employee performed oral sex on Little Egg Harbor Police Chief Richard Buzby in order to get her job as a civilian employee in Little Egg Harbor’s police department.

According to the Greitz report, a witness recalled Fromosky as making his remarks in a conversation between himself and other women in the township construction office, Fromosky allegedly said that the unnamed woman in question  “…was hired under the dispatch budget, but is not in dispatch because she is under the Chief’s desk.”

The women did not acknowledge the comment and continued their conversation, but one later confided to Mr. Greitz that she was “taken aback” by the comment made by Fromosky.

“The undeniable inference which any reasonable person would draw from Fromosky’s comment was that the female employee was performing fellatio on the male employee as a part of her job requirements,” wrote Greitz. “Such a comment not only runs afoul not only of the Township’s policy, but also can be found to run afoul of anti-sexual harassment laws,” the Toms River attorney concluded.

Despite his law firm’s ties to the Ocean County Republican establishment, the Greitz report reads as a searing condemnation of Fromosky, who is currently employed as the township’s code enforcement officer, a job which was arranged for him after what would have been a job as the “division director” of the Ocean County Corrections Department fell through. Fromosky was recommended for the newly created position by his “Uncle Jack,” Freeholder John P. “Jack” Kelly.

Another complaint filed against Fromosky that was investigated by Greitz contained allegations of more inappropriate comments made by Fromosky to another township employee while at a wedding outside of work hours.  Since that complaint implied retaliation against those who report wrongdoing in Little Egg Harbor, we have decided to redact the names of the victims.

In future articles, we will explore with additional evidence,  just why Mr. Fromosky along with two other Little Egg officials, apparently have an ax to grind against Chief Buzby, which will provide important background information in anticipation of the public spectacle that will be Buzby’s public discliplinary hearing, not unlike what recently transpired with Township Administrator Garrett Loesch, who was supported by many members of the public at August’s township meeting as two committeemen fought for his removal.

Greitz Report Fromosky

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