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OPINION: Ortley Beach Sand Replenishment a Waste for Mainland Taxpayers

Sand replenished at Ortley Beach

Are storms making beach replenishment efforts a costly, fruitless endeavor for Toms River taxpayers? A resident questions the township council’s decision to replenish Toms River barrier island beaches in this letter to the editor.

TO THE EDITOR: Toms River is setting $5 million aside for sand replenishment, has anybody noticed the the color and the coarseness of the sand Earle has already been dumping on the beach?

The Toms River Township Council

The Toms River Township Council

Is this really what we want on the beach? As quickly as the town dumps the sand, storms quickly take what they dump back into the ocean. The last rain storm we had saw Route 35  flooded in both directions, not from the ocean side but from the bay side. Flooding won’t stop until the bay is dredged. Frankly, when homes have to be raised to be safe to be there, they don’t belong there.

Sand replenished at Ortley Beach

Sand replenished at Ortley Beach

Why is it the responsibility of mainland residents to continue to pour money into something that will never be a safe place to live?

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