Police Union Calls on Gormley & Kehm to Resign After “Over-The-Top” Probe

The Little Egg Harbor / Tuckerton PBA is formally calling on LEHT Committeemen Ray Gormley & John Kehm to resign after they led what some described as a politically motivated and retaliatory witch hunt against Township Administrator / CFO Garrett Loesch and Police Chief Richard Buzby, which ended with no action taken against either at Thursday’s committee meeting.

A months-long saga was finally brought to a close in Little Egg Harbor last week during a heated public meeting held at the township’s Frog Pond Elementary School, which was chosen as a new venue due to the large turnout.

Ray Gormley

Ray Gormley

John Kehm

John Kehm

“I believe that Ray Gormley and John Kehm should take responsibility for their actions and immediately resign from their public offices,” PBA Local 295 President Joel E. Mahr said in a statement released after the meeting.

“And, if they do not resign,” continued Mahr, “I hope that members of the community will gather the required number of signatures and file petitions to have John Kehm and Ray Gormley recalled from their positions in a special election.”

Top law enforcement officials including police chiefs from all over the state attended the meeting in a show of solidarity with Little Egg Harbor Police Chief Richard Buzby, who was targeted in an investigation initiated in December of 2015 related to reimbursements for a cell phone he was directed to purchase in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The statement

The statement

We spotted former Lacey Township police chief William Nally, Manchester police chief Lisa Parker, Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy and many others among those that attended the meeting.

Nehmad, Perillo & Davis, the law firm of polarizing Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis was hired and billed township taxpayers thousands of dollars to conduct their investigation into the conduct of both Loesch and Buzby.

The documents of their investigation are technically confidential personnel documents exempt from disclosure under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), but both Loesch and Buzby have consented to their release in the interest of transparency. Ocean County Politics has filed public records requests to obtain these reports, and they will posted on this website as soon as they become available, through official channels or otherwise.

NPD partner Salvatore Perillo presented the findings of the reports to the public and commmittee in a presentation that spanned both last month’s meeting and continued it during last week’s meeting.

Attorneys for both Buzby and Loesch were critical that they were unable to obtain or respond to allegations contained in the Nehmad, Perillo & Davis reports before the public meeting. “Why are the two most honest individuals being put on trial?” questioned Loesch’s attorney, Christopher Gray. “That’s what needs to be looked into here.”

Where In The World Was Robin LaBue?

Robin LaBue

Robin LaBue

Boss Gilmore

Boss Gilmore

A notable absence on the dais for this meeting was Gilmore & Monahan attorney Robin LaBue, who usually represents Little Egg Harbor at township meetings. Ms. LaBue was replaced by Jean Cipriani of the same firm. Ocean County Politics has learned that the last minute change of township attorneys was a chess move made shortly before the meeting at the direction of Ocean County Republican Chairman and Gilmore & Monahan managing partner George R. Gilmore.

But what was the real reason for LaBue’s absence Thursday night?

Jean Cipriano

Jean Cipriani

Ed Nuttall

Ed Nuttall

Former Little Egg Harbor committeeman Ed Nuttall, who occasionally writes here at OCP, publicly questioned the LaBue switcheroo during Thursday night’s contentious meeting.

“Robin LaBue is conveniently not here tonight,” said Nuttall. “That was orchestrated on purpose and you know it,” he said, confronting Cipriani.

Nuttall alleged that LaBue’s absence made it “convenient for you [Jean Cipriani] to deny knowledge” of Buzby’s criminal complaints.

An emotional Buzby later fired back at Cipriani, critical of the Gilmore law firm’s handling of allegations of misconduct he brought forth during his tenure as chief. “I’ve requested investigations from your co-counsel and have gotten nothing,” Buzby said of wrongdoing he previously brought to the attention of Gilmore & Monahan attorney Robin LaBue.

Loesch Calls Out Gilmore Trickery

Garrett Loesch later joined in during the public comment session, and questioned Cipriani’s purported lack of knowledge of the criminal complaints.

Garrett Loesch

Garrett Loesch

Loesch said that in a meeting held at the Gilmore firm’s 10 Allen Street headquarters in Toms River, Cipriani was called into the room during a meeting between George Gilmore, Loesch and former Little Egg Harbor committeeman Arthur Midgley.

Mr. Loesch publicly recalled that after Cipriani was called into the room by Gilmore, she advised the two that Loesch and DPW head Patrick Donnelly would not qualify for whistleblower protection, since only Chief Buzby signed the criminal complaints.

“As far as not having personal knowledge, I can look you right in the eye and know that you knew of the whistleblower document,” said Loesch.

PBA Prez: Chief Buzby, Administrator Loesch Have Uncovered Corruption

PBA President Mahr, in addition to calling for resignations, stated that Little Egg Harbor Township Administrator / CFO Garrett Loesch and Police Chief Richard Buzby have uncovered evidence of corruption, much of which we have previously reported on here through leaked documents.

“I now believe that this investigation was in retaliation for Chief Buzby and Garrett Loesch exposing Committeemen John Kehm’s and Ray Gormley’s involvement in activities which could be viewed as improper, corrupt and/or unlawful,” he wrote in a prepared statement.

Chief Buzby

Chief Buzby

In the days leading up to the meeting, the Little Egg Harbor / Tuckerton PBA took the unprecedented move of holding a vote of confidence, with the majority of members supporting Chief Buzby despite not even having a chance to know what was being alleged against the chief.

Gormley and Kehm both abstained from voting after it was brought to the attention of attorney Cipriani and those present at the meeting that both Republican elected officials were implicated in criminal complaints forwarded to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office by Chief Buzby.

After a back-and-forth between the attorneys present that saw Cipriani feign ignorance regarding the complaints, Ms. Cipriani advised the two that they should abstain from voting on motions related to Buzby and Loesch due to the potential for a conflict of interest.

In previous reports, we’ve detailed some of the revelations Mr. Buzby’s investigations have uncovered, including the chief playing a role in fired Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Detective Steven Mecka’s public corruption investigations, as well as Buzby filing a report that alleges that a politically connected engineering firm favored by Ocean County Republican Leaders, Remington, Vernick & Vena, provided the former executive director of the Little Egg Harbor MUA with top-dollar sports tickets in order to maintain good business relations, among other allegations documented by Chief Buzby.

Calling the entire investigation a “witch hunt,” Chief Buzby’s wife Nancy Buzby paraphrased the saga surrounding the investigation into her husband: “Let’s throw out the chief because he won’t go along with the Republicans, the county and the corruption,” she said.

“I knew there was corruption, but holy mackeral I didn’t know there was this much.”

Speaking to the political implications of the spat between her husband and two elected officials, Mrs. Buzby said “I can tell you I’m a lifelong Republican, but I need to tell you people, think long and hard who you vote for in this town because you had two Republicans throw out two Republicans, and you had two Democrats elected, one has been drinking the koolaid.”

Is Lisa Stevens Drinking The Kool-Aid?

The Democrat allegedly drinking the GOP “kool-aid” referenced by Mrs. Buzby is Committeewoman Lisa Stevens, who was elected along with Deputy Mayor Dave Schlick when the two defeated Republicans Arthur Midgley and Ed Nuttall in 2015. But since their election, Stevens and Schlick have been at odds politically, with Stevens voting in line with Republicans Ray Gormley and John Kehm, and not joining her running mate in his series of corruption exposes that have rocked the township.

Lisa Stevens

Lisa Stevens

Stevens echoed the sentiment of her colleague John Kehm, and – rather than calling for an end to unethical activities by Little Egg Harbor Township officials – called for the state Attorney General’s office to instead investigate the sources of leaked documents published by this website, a comment which drew laughs from the crowd.

Stevens made a statement at the meeting and said that she was elected “not to take any sides” and described the meeting as a “dog and pony show.”

In the 2016 campaign, Mayor Eugene “Gene” Kobryn, who was first elected as a Republican, will face former Republican mayor Barbara “Bobbi Jo” Crea, who replaced Kobryn as the Republican nominee after his LEHT Republican Club membership was revoked earlier this year.

Mayor Kobryn

Mayor Kobryn

Following Thursday night’s theatrics, the three eligible members of the township committee voted to end the entire investigation, and take no disciplinary action against either Mr. Loesch or Mr. Buzby, but the recent tensions in Little Egg Harbor will likely be sure to influence the outcome of this year’s election, or even necessitate a special election to recall Gormley & Kehm given the multiple calls for their resignation made at the meeting.

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Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. In 2017 he created New Jersey's first statewide freedom of information portal, OPRAmachine.com. He can be reached via email at editor@politicsoc.com or via phone at (732)-504-3636 ext. 1 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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118 Responses

  1. InTheKnow says:

    The PBA should have included Lisa Stevens in the recall, especially since it was revealed at the council meeting that Her wife, Kathy McDermott has created fake Facebook accounts to harass citizens who spoke up about corruption. She also leaked all these documents to the websites. How can Kathy McDermott do this when her wife was supposed to keep these documents secure? Lisa is behind Kathy’s efforts. Time to go.

  2. InTheKnow says:

    Funny, I am OK with Lisa Stevens being gay and all, but why she supports John Kehm is only because Kathy McDermott, her wife may be in love with John Kehm. For Lisa to support Sandy fraud perpetuated by John Kehm as he lived in a house that had little damage and received a 90% TAX BREAK shows that she is a lost sheep. Then while we were all recovering and rebuilding our houses, the mayor at the time, John Kehm goes on a $30,000 paid fishing trip to Guatemala with his corrupt buddy, Ray “Vegas Baby” Gormley? Shouldn’t the mayor be in town 10 weeks after the storm? We were still cleaning up. You know who was here working hard for us? Chief Buzby and administrator Loesch. They led their operations night and day with the great police force and township workers to rebuild and care for the residents. I can only wonder if hooked were employed in Guatemala to service the boys….and Lisa and her lover Kathy condone this activity.

    • nikyrlo says:

      The moment you mention a person’s sexual orientation, while discussing a political issue, you failed to be taken seriously.

    • Baitlady says:

      How childish can you be. Or are you just stupid. The township had nothing to do with John Kelm tax reduction, the county did. And as I see it Lisa Stevens is part of our township govt not county govt. You can continue to bash and slander certain people all you want to do is distract people from the real issues. As for you being ok with Ms Stevens lifestyle you must not be ok with it as you continue to bring it up. I agree with AllNightAl is time for you to come out from under you screen name and admit your real identity or do you have things to hide.

      • InTheKnow says:

        Check the billings from the Gilmore and Monahan Law Firm. George’s own son handled the appeal defending the township. It was his duty to represent us the taxpayers. He and Kehm worked the system and they won and you and I lost. The houses washed away in Manolo king near where the ocean met the sea got 90% reductions. He was entitled to a 15% reduction based on damage incurred. You can’t live in a house with 90% damage. But don’t let the facts stand in the way of corruption by Johnny Kehm. He’s such a nice boy, you want to pinch his cheeks and pat him on the head and say good boy? Oh yea, you just did by defending him.

      • AllNightAl says:

        Sorry Bait Lady. Al Waldron. I sell bait. And you are? Hide what? Im turning the light on. You can choose to turn away. But that wont change who Chief Buzby is and how he got there.

    • Stephen DeSimone says:

      I normally do not get involved but I just couldn’t sit back and see these lies .To be honest A group of us helped Operation blessing with all there food needs at the church daily for four months 3 meals a day ,the police force,the ems and fire service ,mayor ,deputy mayor public works and assistant administrator on a daily basis was assisting .Not once did I see the administrator do a damn thing so please get your facts straight .Yes the chief and Seargeant were there to but That’s it.So don’t limit your story like whoever you are saved the world .And may I add the Menonites.So please

      • InTheKnow says:

        Ticked you off? Why do you continue to support corruption by talking about a food bank. Maybe the people you like to smear were busy leading recovery efforts instead of being with you? So pat yourself on the back and cover for your corrupt brother in arms. I know you personally and you are not the hero that you assert, rather a piker who nobody can stand.

        • Stephen DeSimone says:

          Who was talking about a food bank and I don’t claim to be a hero and I didn’t smear anyone I made a statement where was Garrett Loesch.Thats it he doesn’t like me and I don’t like him I didn’t say a word about u so what’s your beef ,I actually said you were there helping .I know exactly who you are and I know that you don’t like me and have no idea why. I do have as much money as you.Lol even though you said I was broke .

        • Stephen DeSimone says:

          I would like to discuss this with you private email time and place

    • Stephen DeSimone says:

      Why don’t you come out and post with your real name ,you seem to have an awful lot to say

    • Billy Allen says:

      Hi booby

    • Billy Allen says:

      What ya gonna do when they come for u ???? Suicide by cop???

  3. AllNightAl says:

    To ALL the Taxpayers of Little Egg Harbor Township: I find that transparency and open debate tends to eliminate and/or uncover political corruption. Our new Mayor and Deputy Mayor have reason to believe LEHT is full of corruption after decades of Republican rule. Everyone, including newer members of the LEHTPD, should fully understand what’s led up to possible corruption within our local Government during the past 30 years; especially when it comes to accusations about taxpayer money being wasted illegally and/or unethically. We must hold every public employee accountable in this regard, no matter how long the corruption has been taking place.

    I reasonably believe Chief Buzby is part of the alleged corruption in LEHT; not the victim or whistleblower as he portrays himself to be. I reasonably believe Chief Buzby’s past personal and pecuniary associations with Kehm, Gormley and/or previous LEHT Committee Members have led to him collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money, despite taking the longest multi-year sick leave in LEHT history (possibly the longest ever by any Police Officer in NJ), and despite filing a frivolous lawsuit against LEHT (costing taxpayers tens of thousands to defend/litigate). How is a Police Officer on a multi-year “sick leave” brought back into LEHTPD by LEHT Committee Members after admitting he suffered from “severe pain, suffering and emotional distress” in Court documents. Was he cleared by a Psychiatrist? Logic and reason dictate that no one is promoted from the position of Sergeant in a local police department, to running that department as Police Chief, after so many disqualifying factors. Chief Buzby’s rise to power would be impossible without the assistance of personal and/or pecuniary relationships within local government, in this case, the Little Egg Harbor Township Committee. If you don’t share my reasonable beliefs in this regard, please start your own investigation by reading this newspaper article, researching the local, county, state and federal (Postal Inspectors) criminal investigations involving Chief Buzby while he was on “sick leave”, reviewing allegations in his civil suit against the Township, as well as researching his pecuniary associations with previous LEHT Committee Members.

    Printed in the Asbury Park Press on September 29, 1994:

    “LITTLE EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP A fourth police officer has joined a harassment lawsuit against two of the township’s top officers. Sgt. Richard J. Buzby Jr., who has been on sick leave since July 1992, accused Chief Elkenny B. Pullen, Capt. Chris Silva and several unnamed others of subjecting him to “severe and ongoing retaliatory measures” for helping the state in its corruption and police brutality investigations. The corruption probe netted three bribery convictions of former township officials, but the brutality case resulted in the acquittal of three township police officers. . Buzby is the latest in a field of several who are suing Pullen, Silva and the town over the same issue. The first lawsuit was filed in July 1993 by former dispatcher Caroline Pribramsky, administrative secretary Cheryl Martin and Lt. Mark Siino. Since then they have been joined by Capt. William Kleinow and Patrolman Thomas Williams. Also named in Williams’ suit are Patrolmen Dana Sleddon and Thomas Wallace. Wallace was one of three officers acquitted in the brutality case after being accused of trying to cover it up. In the suit filed Monday in state Superior Court in Toms River, Buzby claims the harassment was “ordered andor condoned by the various defendants herein,” and said it resulted in severe pain, suffering and emotional distress. A woman who answered the telephone yesterday at the home of Buzby’s father said Buzby has been unable to work for the past two years because he has Lyme disease. Buzby’s suit also claims the defendants “improperly electronically surveyed the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s contact with third parties.” Pullen and Silva have declined to comment on the case all along. Some of their defenders, who asked not to be named, say the lawsuit is part of a power struggle within the department”.

    There will be more to come.

  4. InTheKnow says:

    Can you believe these poll results? I do!!!
    And all AllnightAl can do is post something from 20 years ago. Sad. Nice work on the petition too. 2 votes? pathetic.

  5. freedomfromcorruption says:

    I’ve been reading all the nasty, finger pointing posts about all the corruption in LEH and have come to the conclusion (my own), that this mess cannot be repaired. I think ALL need to go. Let their unions find them jobs via the Civil Service outlet like everyone else in the State must apply through. Clean up and out of the buildings the families that use the taxpayers as their cash mules. I do not want to pay for you, your kids, brothers, etc. any more. I want employees with no special interests that don’t abuse their positions. How about each home contracts with Waste Management for trash pickup instead of having to purchase brand new trucks every 10-12 years with an astronomical cost to, come on, you know, the tax payers. Other townships do it. Shut the MUA and look into the cost of privatizing it.

    ALL spend tax payer money way too frivolously without any regard to the people that pay your salaries. At the meeting on 9/8 it was asked how many houses are vacant. There were shoulder shrugs, and the answer I don’t know. Prior to Sandy the population in LEH was approximately 20,000 (Source US Census 2010). After Sandy it was said that hundreds to thousands(?) of homes were damaged and people left. Factor in all the still empty houses and foreclosures and I think it would be safe to say our population is maybe down to the 15,000 range. Given my number may not be correct, you still cannot say there hasn’t been a significant DEcrease in population, but yet the spending is always up.

    Lat month the State announced the release of $45 million dollars to be used as reimbursement to municipalities that suffered losses during and after Sandy. Our taxes went up as high as 25%. I’ve heard of people that received increases last summer of $1200, $1300, $1500 and when I questioned my own increase I was told it was because of the loss of tax revenue after Sandy. Now that the township will be getting even more money to squander, when will you reduce and refund the money you took from the tax payers to make up “the losses from Sandy” that you are now being reimbursed for? Let me answer that, NEVER.

    The politicians that voted for their friend to be employed can reimburse the township any monies that will be paid out for hiring their friend that is already involved in some sort of sexual harrassment workplace violation. Good job, you hired your personal friend, now we are stuck paying for him. Resign.

    If you don’t like that there is NO REASON FOR YOU TO DRIVE A TOWNSHIP VEHICLE BUT DO IT ANYWAY, and want a different boss and not have to answer to the Township, then bye bye. The condescending and rude treatment to the taxpayers must end. How many of you questioned your new reappraisal with outrageous increases? Are tax records public? Can we see who got huge increases and who didn’t?

    Moving on, someone once again “reasonably believes” Chief Buzby did wrong. Do me a favor. Move. I don’t care what you believe. Actually, even if it were put in front of me in black and white I wouldn’t believe it. Too much corruption for me to believe.

    This townships needs to be rebuilt completely. No repairs, because so many appear to be corrupt. Take it down and start over.

    • nikyrlo says:

      Agreed. Would love to see that transparency in every single department. We should be able to view online, detailed documentation of running totals, of how/where every tax dollar is going, by department, against the set department budgets. Maybe there is a way to guarantee this, and ensure a “corruption free” town. Invoke more transparency in the decision making process. If we were to bypass all the “he said, she said”, and put all of the thousands (millions?) wasted paying lawyers, back into our town, by simply Auditing every single taxpayer paid facility in LEH, maybe we could then start fresh in the manner that you described? The process of how the money is spent is only a portion of the audit. Reviewal of each divisions policies, job descriptions, daily duties/logs, as well as a review of best practices to establish job efficiency, would not only give insight to what positions are needed/not needed, but might virtually eliminate or make it much more difficult to do the things that you listed are being done.This is the only possible way we could get that fresh start. Only then would we know when policy was not being followed, who was hired based on what resume, what vendor is used, and why. Maybe it would eliminate closed door decisions? Just a thought 😉

      • freedomfromcorruption says:

        Well said and agreed. Another way to ensure a “corruption free” town would be to get rid of the negatives. After seeing how Mr. Loesch and Chief Buzby were hung out to dry my negative opinion of this township government has only been solidified. We also desperately need term limits.

        • Mercy Otis Warren says:

          I know this will sound extreme given the degree to which we have been conditioned to think that some government is necessary. But I have been hard pressed to think of one thing that government does better than the private sector. There is always at least a market driven incentive to satisfy a customer if service and products are provided in the private sphere. That simply does not exists in the public sector. So only the truly good and virtuous person is going to do their job (presuming it is even a helpful job) well in the public sector and history has shown over and over that there are not many Cincinatuses or George Washingtons. Let’s privatize every public job and then things only get done if people voluntarily agree to associate and get them done in a good and economical way. Those with a monopoly on the lawful (though immoral) use of violent force ain’t going to agree. They will only go down with guns blazing.

          • AllNightAl says:

            Yea…..bad idea. Example? Private prisons for profit. It just makes the rich, more rich. Everyone at the bottom pays the price.

          • Mercy Otis Warren says:

            The example would be the United States prior to the 1900s. The liberty of the private sector will always be more efficient and fair than the coercion of the public sector. History is our guide and while there will never be a utopia, it should be pretty clear by now that public entities do nothing better than private entities — other than waste resources. Are you really using prisons as an example? There are no exclusively private prisons. There are public entities that use private prisons. This is collusion between the public and the private sector. That is the worst of both worlds, and certainly not the product of the free market.

        • AllNightAl says:

          Chief Buzby is not a victim. He has abused the system as much, if not more, than any of those he now accuses. He would not be in his position if not for his personal and pecuniary connections with past and current LEHT Committee Members. What you’re witnessing are those relationships dissolving. All parties know the scale of corruption within LEHT Government. They’re each throwing rocks with the hope to discredit each other. When they all start talking to Investigators, the house of cards will come tumbling down. The quesdtion will be, who makes that deal first?

          • freedomfromcorruption says:

            An internet forum without any substantial proof or evidence does not convince me. Casting judgment based upon your posts would be precipitous. When this does burst, I hope all involved are prosecuted and held accountable to the full extent of the law.

          • AllNightAl says:

            Not trying to convince you. It’s public record. You can either choose to ignore that proof or read it. I’ve watched this soap opera play out for over 20 years. My reasonable beliefs aren’t manufactured…they’re based in facts. logic and reason. The last time Sgt. Buzby was investigated for a crime by his Superiors, he admitted to suffering from “Severe pain and emotional distress”. He’s now Chief of that town’s police department. When did that “severe pain and emotional distress” end? Was it magic, or did he file a frivolous lawsuit against the town to gain a pecuniary benefit? Does Chief Buzby suffer from “severe pain and emotional distress” every time he’s being investigated? Some people say he should be evaluated by a Psychiatrist to see if this is an issue again. Mr. Gormley and Mr. Kehm know all about Chief Buzby’s improbable rise to the top. They watched and rubber stamped it. Perhaps each party has incriminating information about the other? It’s likely just one of those deals where the first one to cooperate with the State and/or Federal authorities gets all the deals, while the others end up in jail and paying the taxpayers back. It will be interesting to watch. Such great men and women on this police force. What a poor choice for a leader.

          • Ben Dover says:

            That happened before Gormley and Kehm but shortly it will be brought to life

          • AllNightAl says:

            Always wondered why such a large municipal police department has refused to hire African-american Police Officers for so long? Why is that Chief Buzby? Don’t want any of “those people” on your force? Seems to be a common theme in the entire government and school system. Keep the “#######” out.

  6. John J. Novak says:

    Other than through following this saga, I do not know Mr. Loesch but I have had the pleasure of knowing Chief Buzby for decades. He is an honest and honorable man; the people of Little Egg Harbor Township are well served by him as Chief of Police.

    There are many layers and much more to this.

    Enough already!
    Make a STATEMENT, make a DIFFERENCE, make a CHANGE.


    • InTheKnow says:

      John Novak, you have my vote. You are one of the good guys.

      • John J. Novak says:

        Thank you.
        This battle is not mine and the credit for the victory will not be mine.

        • B. Tucky says:

          Hey it’s been done before in Ocean County on a smaller scale, but it was Republicans against Democrats. . Don’t forget in Bricktown, it was run by Republicans and then a Dem. attorney named John Ducey is now the Mayor there. However, the guys that ran Brick under the Republican Party prior are now running the Toms River MUA. So they still made out alright.

          • freedomfromcorruption says:

            That’s why the MUA in LEH should be privatized so no one else “can make out” on the tax payers dime.

          • InTheKnow says:

            John Novak can liquefy the Ocean County Utilities Authority and rid the seats of the politically connected there too. Sell off the LEH MUA and OCUA and take the millions earned and lower our taxes.

          • Billy Allen says:

            Sell of the Littke Egg Mua so Garrett Loesch can write some more fraudulent checks ???

          • freedomfromcorruption says:

            What EVIDENCE do you have that he wrote fraudulent checks, or are you just going to beat a dead horse.

          • Billy Allen says:

            Fraudulent check=no permission to write it ,wasn’t approved
            READ THE REPORT

          • freedomfromcorruption says:

            Yeah yeah. Keeping beating the dead horse. No credibility.

          • Billy Allen says:

            Just watch and see when the storm hits

          • freedomfromcorruption says:

            You said before all were corrupt correct. So it’s just a matter of who is MORE corrupt than the next right?

          • Billy Allen says:

            Yes there’s many

          • freedomfromcorruption says:

            Exactly. And ALL must go.

          • Art Mooney says:

            The current mayor of LEH sits on the board of the MUA

          • Sam says:

            Art..I also am trying to figure that out. What is with the MUA s in Ocean County, you have to be a former Mayor, Freeholder to be a run the municipal Utility Authority in Ocean County? Think about it, the current mayor is on the LEH MUA, the former mayor of Brick and his former Brick Business administrator from Brick run the Toms River mua, the ex Ocean County Freeholder ran the Brick MUA. I guess that is the prerequisite to run Utilities authority in Ocean County.

          • freedomfromcorruption says:


          • Art Mooney says:

            The Little Egg Harbor Municipal Utilities Authority was created through the Township of Little Egg Harbor by Ordinance on January 17, 1972, under Chapter 138 of P.L. 1957 of the State of New Jersey. The Township Committee and the Authority entered into a Service Contract by ordinance and resolution, respectively, on October 19, 1976.

            The Authority’s service area is co-terminus with the Township. A potable water supply and distribution system and a wastewater collection system are both owned and operated by the Authority.- not regulated by the BPU

            The LEH MUA Authority consists of five (5) regular and two (2) alternate members who are appointed by the Township Committee for staggered terms of five years. These Commissioners govern the affairs of the Authority. The current Commissioners are:
            Joseph Koptic Chairman
            Margaret DePergola Vice Chairwoman – retired
            Earl Miller Treasurer
            Richard Crea Secretary
            Richard Robins Acting Treasurer / Alternate No. 1
            Marie Skelly Acting Secretary / Alternate No. 2
            Eugene Kobryn Commissioner & mayor of LEH
            About 3 yrs ago the township did a study as to feasibility of taking over the MUA, this came about because of rate increases over a period of years and the highness of a certain executives compensation. the results of this study was never made public it was at that time that the now mayor was placed on the MUA board

          • freedomfromcorruption says:

            How deep it runs. This is exactly why it should be privatized.

            I would love to know who (what firm) was paid and how much to the “feasibility study”.

          • Billy Allen says:

            That makes zero sense!
            Property owners pay water bills.

          • freedomfromcorruption says:

            Yeah and? Reading is comprehension. What don’t you get? I know property owners pay water bills. No one said they didn’t. The conversation can’t make sense to you because you do not understand it.

          • Billy Allen says:

            What does taxpayer money have to do with it in little egg Mua has nothing to do with taxpayer money .our Mua is a cash hog

          • kraft says:

            it would be the ratepayers in LEH’S money.

          • freedomfromcorruption says:

            You really don’t get what the conversation was about do you? Since you don’t understand what’s being discussed, don’t comment.

      • Billy Allen says:

        Winning a battle is not winning the WAR!!!

    • Billy Allen says:

      Neither are honest,as Garrett Liesch is controlled by the chief.He wants to own the committee members and if you don’t go along with him you become his prey .Thats exactly what happened to Gormley & Kehm.

    • AllNightAl says:

      Yea….you might want to reconsider supporting Chief Buzby John. Like you said….lots going on. Old and new.

  7. InTheKnow says:

    It is so apparent that Robin LaBue, George Gilmore’s bitch, has been billing this town for being the attorney for Kehm and Gormley. They have her on speed dial and used her to attack good people. Maybe people should be focusing their attention on her and how her legal opinions are for sale, depending on who is paying the fee. She has been so compromised that Gilmore took her out of the game last meeting and put in his heavyweight, but that choice was the best thing that could have happened for the last meeting. So Robin, look yourself in the mirror this morning and try to remember when you first compromised your soul for a paycheck. Every time you get paid, remember that the devil incarnate made that payment. You took an oath, but you have slid down the slimy slope of corruption. Ed Nuttle said it best at the meeting, you purposely didn’t come to the meeting, just to let Kehm and Gormley run their game. Congrats, they lost and you have as well.

    • Mercy Otis Warren says:

      Being as though 90% of the laws on the books are perfectly useless, every lawyer sells their soul 90% of the time even if they “honestly” work on their cases. So this should be no surprise.

    • AllNightAl says:

      “intheknow” – An angry old white guy who chases kids away from his property and is still waiting for Obama to come take his guns. Lol. Macho Man behind the keyboard.. ….loser in life.

      • InTheKnow says:

        Hey white guy bringing things up from 20 years ago…. I defended this country and defended this town to defend the right to bear arms. OK, I am old and I am angry, but angry that corruption has been allowed to take place in my town. All Night Al hasn’t done anything but create an online petition and proven that when the ship starts to sink, the rats will run.

        Here’s your real photo for your website:

        • Billy Allen says:

          Looks like you are trying to do it again.Final payday before retirement?

        • Billy Allen says:


        • AllNightAl says:

          You have me confused with someone else dude. I think a long visit to Ancora is needed for you sir. I think you’re angry that you’re getting old. Nothing more.

          • InTheKnow says:

            How does it feel to be a RAT, Trooper?

          • AllNightAl says:

            Lol! Not as bad as being a mentally ill and very lonely old man I’d bet! I see you think Police Officers are exempt from laws. Why is that? I’ve locked up and testified against many Cops. Were you one? Hiding behind a keyboard with an untreated mental illness makes you a troll. Nothing more.

          • InTheKnow says:

            You don’t want the truth. Because deep down, in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall. You need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty…we use these words as the backbone to a life spent defending something. You use ’em as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it! I’d rather you just said thank you and went on your way.

          • AllNightAl says:

            Didn’t that character get arrested by the Military Police just after saying that in the movie? Code Red? You’re making my point for me sir. Ancora Hospital awaits your return.

          • InTheKnow says:

            YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!


          • Ken Hagemann says:

            You should not portray yourself as a “Serpico type hero”. We all know you racially and sexually harassed a fellow Trooper so much that he committed suicide. You are the disgraced law enforcement officer.

          • AllNightAl says:

            Ummmm……I testified on Trooper Oliva’s behalf against those who did cause his death. Racially and sexually harassed? LOL Are you okay Kenny? Did someone hurt you sometime in your life?

          • Ken Hagemann says:

            Liar, you were a defendant in the lawsuit. Take your meds.

          • AllNightAl says:

            Lol…..so were 25 other Troopers. Case dismissed. I dont lie. So why wont anyone in Congress speak with a honorable Vet like yourself again? Arent you a “deplorable”? Only associate with white folks why again?

          • Ken Hagemann says:

            Don’t know where you come up with this stuff Albert Waldron. Did you serve? No you didn’t, too cowardly. You became a trooper instead, harassed minorities, pushed your partner into killing himself and now you are some BLM nut trying to atone for your sins. When you are man enough to post using your real name people may care to hear your opinion.

          • AllNightAl says:

            (sigh)…….next to a man running for POTUS with 5 draft deferments (that you’ll be voting for according to your FB wall), the next most cowardly position in the military is a Sniper. Sounds like you’re a hypocrite? You get vetted by Congress before they meet you as a VFW Rep….but they find you’re a racist, misogynist and raving lunatic….so they refuse to meet with you. Not much good as a Rep if you can’t even meet with the people you need to. Right? I’ve already posted my name on this thread Kenny. You actually have to read the thread before you start protecting Chief Buzby as his lap dog. Albert Waldron……LEHT resident for 30+ years. You’re not even a LEHT resident….but you have a lot to say. Why is that? Or do white, racist hypocrites just stick together?

          • AllNightAl says:

            I remember you Ken! You’re the VFW Rep so neo-conservative no one in Washington will even talk to you! Tough to push those right wing agendas through Congress when the alt-right kinfolk won’t even meet with you…huh?

          • AllNightAl says:

            “Serpico”? Lol….I’m as much a “Serpico” as you are a Simo Hayha. Want to see disgrace? Look in a mirror old man.

    • Billy Allen says:

      You don’t want to go there on oaths .Remember this one:
      Oh lord my god I Richard Buzby do hereby solemnly &sincerely ……………………..
      Oh lord my god is there none to help the widows son

  8. InTheKnow says:

    Albert Waldron, All Night Al. Let’s talk about you now.


    N.j. Trooper: Even Now, Fighting Profiling Costs Him

    By Douglas A. Campbell, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER
    Posted: January 23, 2001

    John Oliva’s two-year career as a New Jersey state trooper has, he says, already passed these landmarks:

    He has been instructed by two senior troopers – as recently as February – in profiling techniques to single out motorists for stops he believes are illegal.

    When he objected, the supervisors gave him poor performance evaluations, and a sub-rosa group of troopers calling themselves the “Lords of Discipline” threatened him, vandalized his gear, and, he believes, initiated a rumor that discredited him.

    After complaining to supervisors and being offered help by internal affairs, he says, state police agents pursued him as if he were a culprit.

    Oliva entered the State Police Academy in June 1998, two months after two white troopers on the New Jersey Turnpike focused national attention on the agency and its profiling practices by firing at a van containing four minority men. He became a trooper in November 1998.

    Since then, the head of the state police has been removed, the Attorney General’s Office and Gov. Whitman have concluded troopers practice racial profiling, and the state has outlined numerous reforms for the new superintendent, Col. Carson J. Dunbar Jr., to enact to reshape the culture of the state police.

    Oliva’s allegations, coupled with allegations made by a female trooper testifying in another case, suggest the possible scope of that task.

    State police spokesman John R. Hagerty said the agency was “taking [Oliva’s] allegations very seriously.” When asked about the Lords of Discipline, he said, “We don’t dispute certain allegations that have been brought to the fore involving this case.”

    It is a case involving numerous troopers and their supervisors assigned to squads across southern New Jersey, a region covered by the state police’s Troop A.

    At stations in Bellmawr in Camden County, Woodbine in Cape May County, and Buena Vista in Atlantic County, Oliva witnessed police conduct he believed was illegal, he said, adding that when he complained, other troopers retaliated against him.

    Oliva, 34, of Absecon in Atlantic County, joined the state police with an understanding of police work.

    He served four years in the Marine Corps. He then worked for three years as an Atlantic County corrections officer and three years each in the Pleasantville and Absecon Police Departments.

    Thomas Jerdan, a drill instructor at the Atlantic County Police Academy when Oliva enrolled there, recalled him as “polite,” “always squared away,” and a “good street cop.”

    When he became a trooper, Oliva was assigned to the Bellmawr Station, where he worked with a senior trooper, or coach.

    Between November 1998 and January 1999, Oliva said, his coach drove with him every night to Interstate 676 in Camden and sat with his headlights aimed at an on-ramp, looking for white men in old cars on the assumption that they were leaving the city after buying drugs.

    Motorists who fit that profile were stopped at the same mile marker and charged with the same offense – failure to maintain lane, Oliva said. They also were searched without probable cause.

    “John Oliva complained within the first few weeks of taking the job,” said Trooper Victor Cooper, one of 13 African American troopers who have sued the state police on allegations of discrimination. Cooper said he was assigned to Bellmawr Station along with Oliva, who is white.

    “I witnessed this young man being taught to profile,” Cooper said.

    Oliva said he complained to his squad sergeant about his coach, fearing he could be charged as an accomplice in violating motorists’ rights.

    The sergeant, Oliva said, told the coach to cease profiling.

    Other troopers believed that Oliva was “making waves,” Cooper said, adding that “the normal result of that would be [severe] hazing . . . in an attempt to cause him to fall in line.”

    Oliva was transferred to the Woodbine Station in May 1999, a normal rotation for a new trooper. His problems followed him, he said.

    His squad sergeant took two minor disciplinary actions against him – the first in his career – and in October 1999 gave him a poor evaluation, Oliva said. He said he persuaded his station commander that the evaluation was undeserved.

    (The Inquirer is withholding the sergeant’s name because he was on vacation and could not be reached for comment.)

    In November 1999, Oliva said, another sergeant, Bruce Myers, called him in and handed him an anonymous note that Myers said somebody had given to him.

    It said: “Hey Oliva. Everyone around here is getting sick and tired of your s-. Whether you like it or not, you’re still a recruit. If you don’t like it you can go back to your old department where you came from. You better start doing what you’re told to do. We are all watching you Oliva.”

    Oliva said Myers told him that he should apologize to his squad sergeant. He did not.

    Myers’ supervisor, Assistant Station Commander James Hand of the Bivalve Station in Cumberland County, said yesterday that the sergeant would not comment.

    Oliva said the note suggested to him that other troopers would not back him up at a critical moment.

    About the time he was handed the note, Oliva said, Lt. Horace MacFarland, the Woodbine Station commander, told him that when the next round of transfers came, he could expect to be given an assignment far from home. That, Oliva said, was a message that he should not have conflicts with his sergeant.

    MacFarland said last week that state police policy prevented him from commenting.

    As it turned out, Oliva was assigned to the nearby Buena Vista Station last January. In February, he said, his squad leader, Trooper Albert W. Waldron, drove with him to a motel parking lot and told him that drug dealers frequented a nearby convenience store.

    Oliva said Waldron told him to look for “bad people” among the motorists, including individuals with out-of-state license plates. The implication, Oliva said, was that he should stop motorists not because they had violated traffic laws but because they looked like “bad guys” and drugs and weapons might be found if their cars were searched.

    Waldron said last week that he would seek state police permission to respond to Oliva’s statements, but he did not call back.

    In April, Waldron gave Oliva a poor performance evaluation, but after compiling numbers, Oliva got the station commander to change the evaluation to “competent.”

    Oliva said Waldron then shook his hand and said he would put the incident behind him.

    On Aug. 26, Oliva was assigned back to the Woodbine Station. Less than a month later, a rumor circulated that he was responsible for an e-mail message posted on an Internet newsletter hosted by someone calling himself the NJSPhantom.

    The message, signed “Trooper with a Cops Heart”, accused some troopers of showing disdain for municipal police officers.

    In a closed-door meeting with Station Commander MacFarland, Oliva said, he protested he was innocent.

    Two days later, he said, his new squad sergeant told him that Troop A’s commander, Capt. Glenn Miller, was angry with Oliva over the newsletter controversy. Miller, in an interview, said he did not recall Oliva’s being the subject of any meeting.

    Oliva said the squad leader also told him that MacFarland had issued an “order” that no retaliation against Oliva would be condoned. He said the sergeant told him that had this been five years ago, when the Lords of Discipline were at their peak, “your locker would be in the parking lot by now.”

    The Lords of Discipline have surfaced in another case.

    In a deposition in November in a complaint of sexual harassment filed by a civilian state police employee, Trooper Kimberly Zollitsch said that she, too, had been harassed by the group, and that members had “made it known that they were the people who chose who was deserving of being a trooper or not.”

    Zollitsch testified before an administrative law judge that the group, reputed to be active throughout Troop A, drove nails into the tires of her car. She said its members also broke into her locker and vandalized her clothing and equipment. They left notes, even signing one “LOD,” she testified. The note disappeared after the station commander took it.

    Zollitsch, who is on stress leave and declined to be interviewed, has filed a civil suit against the state police.

    On Oct. 9, Oliva found his locker broken into, his gear vandalized, and another threatening note.

    “Hey there big [expletive] Daddy,” it said. “Take your salty [expletive] attitude back to the local departments. We’re all watching you Oliva. Fill out a transfer request. It’s time you moved on.”

    Oliva went to the lavatory and found a copy of the note taped to the top of a toilet seat. He dressed, bought a disposable camera, and had a fellow trooper snap a picture of him by the note on the toilet.

    Then he carefully peeled the note from the toilet seat. On one of the pieces of tape was a thumbprint.

    A week later, while Oliva was on sick leave, he got a phone call at home informing him that another threatening note had been posted at the station.

    He then complained to several high-ranking officers and contacted a lawyer.

    In late December, Oliva received a telephone call from Lt. William Meddis of the Bureau of Professional Standards, the agency’s former Internal Affairs Bureau. Oliva said Meddis told him that the bureau wanted to help.

    In an interview Dec. 27 that lasted more than seven hours, Oliva said, Meddis discussed the stations to which Oliva could be assigned to remove him from harassment in Troop A.

    Oliva said Meddis was particularly interested in any evidence he had collected and told him to turn over everything, including the tape with the thumbprint. Oliva said he told Meddis he wanted to discuss that request with his lawyer, Philip J. Moran, first.

    Oliva said Meddis then gave him a direct order to turn over the tape and threatened to suspend him if he did not. Oliva said he refused but was not suspended.

    Last week, Meddis referred questions about Oliva to Hagerty, the state police spokesman.

    Oliva said Meddis told him to call him later to see where he would be assigned upon his return to duty frommedical leave. When Oliva made that call Jan. 2, he said, he was told he would be returned to Woodbine, where he had received the threatening letters.

    “I was floored,” Oliva said. “They called me in as a victim. Now I’m a target because I had enough courage to come forward with this stuff that’s been going on at Woodbine for years.”

    Oliva protested the assignment. By that afternoon, Meddis told him in a message left on his answering machine that he should report to Troop A headquarters in Buena Vista to work for Capt. Miller, whom he had named in his complaint to internal affairs.

    Meddis also told Oliva to take the thumbprint tape with him and turn it over to Detective Sgt. First Class Kenneth C. Schairer. “He’ll be expecting you before 1 o’clock with that Scotch tape,” Meddis said in the recorded message, which Oliva kept.

    Over the next two days, there were several phone calls to Oliva from high-ranking state police officials concerning his new assignment. There were also several calls from Schairer, looking for the tape.

    On Jan. 3, Oliva was told to report the next day to Woodbine to pick up his gear and to go to the Tuckerton Station, also in Troop A, for his next assignment. On Jan. 4, he reported to Tuckerton and filed a report informing the state police that he intended to speak with the media. Then he went home, where he found a new message from Schairer. After listening to the message, he put in for an indefinite stress leave.

    In his message, Schairer said he would be at Oliva’s door at 9 a.m. the next day, a Friday, accompanied by another internal affairs sergeant, “to get that piece of evidence that you were ordered to turn over.”

    On Friday morning, Oliva went to the World Gym in Northfield. As Oliva sat in the sauna, reading the paper, Schairer and Sgt. John Zulawski Jr., dressed in suits and ties, stepped in, demanding the tape.

    Oliva told them to close the door. Then he poured more water on the coals, producing more steam. After a few minutes, the two sergeants left the sauna but waited outside in the shower room, according to Oliva and others at the gym. Oliva dressed and pushed past the two troopers.

    Schairer and Zulawski did not return phone calls placed to them through Meddis, their supervisor.

    State police spokesman Hagerty said Oliva had no right to refuse to turn over evidence to internal affairs.

    “Ultimately, it [the state police] is not a democracy,” Hagerty said. “He’s working for the state police, and when he’s given an order,” he has to obey.

    Hagerty said Oliva and his lawyer were attempting to try their case in the media.

    “We will continue to investigate through the legitimate internal affairs process, and a full investigation will be conducted, and it will be presented to the superintendent for his review and evaluation,” Hagerty said. “I reiterate. Thus far, there are merits to some of [Oliva’s] allegations. But there are two sides to every story, and, obviously, the state police will move to get all of the facts.”

    Douglas Campbell’s e-mail address is dcampbell@phillynews.com

  9. InTheKnow says:

    We can assume another corrupt ex trooper has dropped off the forum?

  10. Billy Allen says:

    What would it be considered if Littke Egg Police Dept was hiring cops bypassing the civil service list?

    • freedomfromcorruption says:

      What about the township departments, what about the dpw? The hiring of family and friends by not using the FAIR civil service system is nepotism. Leh’s biggest accomplishment. It doesn’t matter that our roads have craters as long as they keep their own working. Our tax dollars at work.

  11. Nuclearprogram says:

    The one common denominator, for every town reeking of corruption, is Gilmore & Monahan. The pattern has always been the same, GM comes in and bills the taxpayers, and elected, and appointed officials, want their piece, so the shit hits the fan. George Gilmore is very smart, you are not, lesson learned.

  12. InTheKnow says:

    BuzzNutz is back under the name Billy Allen.

    • Billy Allen says:

      Buzznutz,who the hell is that

      • InTheKnow says:

        DO you want me to discuss your Kehming up the scene of the suicide? You were once warned, but I would encourage you to continue. After you deleted all your posts, now you use a good man’s name for your attacks?
        Here’s a little something for you in case you haven’t gone deeper.

  13. InTheKnow says:

    Want to go on a luxury fishing trip? Ray & John are drawing names for this year’s “Fishing for Corruption Tournament 2016” Text the phrase, “ON THE TAKE” to John Kehm 609-214-1238 or Ray Gormley 609-709-2426 for your chance to join them.

    • InTheKnow says:




  14. Greenhouse says:

    The end is near with Kehm & Gormley. Emergency meeting at Ray’s shop Wednesday has leaked out all over Ocean County. Word is that the Republican organization is in full revolt and Gilmore is placing pressure for both to resign before the recall election. Only time will tell.

    • Cuddy says:

      What is going on throughout Ocean County with some Republican clubs. Believe me that is not the only Republican organization that is in turmoil in Ocean County there are others.

      • guest says:

        So Pray Tell , fill us in on any other Republican run club’s in Ocean County that have any cracks , not the one in your head, for real. Do I hear Crickets?

    • InTheKnow says:

      Say it isn’t so, Joe… I will believe it when I see it. Want to share how you know the meeting took place. I am in the know, and this is news to me.

      • guest says:

        Seriously, last time I checked the R’s ran just about everything in Ocean County with the exception of Brick. The turmoil as you stated, is probably in your pea brain head.

        • Greenhouse says:

          Gormley is the president of the Republican club and the membership is up in arms with what they did and are calling for them to resign, but they are offering not to run next year. Gilmore’s firm is working overtime to figure an exit strategy since he is so reliant on the billings. Those bills lists are about 25k a bills list.

  15. InTheKnow says:

    Guatemala Fishing Trip Update:

    We have located the lost video footage of when John Kehm and Raymond Gormley first landed in Guatemala. Their private jet chartered for the Corruption Trip 2013, landed and then this happened. Please share with your friendschedule and family.

    This is wild and crazy stuff.


  16. InTheKnow says:

    Has the corruption team of Gormley and Kehm resigned yet? Maybe Gormley can leave the Twp Committee and run for the Regional BOE. He could spend more time with Tommy “You got the Bait?” Williams.

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