Waretown Appoints Libertarian Candidate to Planning Board

Michael Roche, who is running for township committee as a Libertarian, has been confirmed by Waretown’s all-Republican governing body as the Ocean Township Planning Board’s newest member.

Michael Roche

Michael Roche

Tredy / Wetter

Tredy / Wetter

At this week’s Ocean Township Committee meeting, Libertarian committee candidate Michael Roche was officially voted in to fill a vacancy as a member of the township’s planning board.

In the 2016 campaign, no Democrats have filed petitions to challenge Republican nominee Ben LoParo, making Mr. Roche’s campaign the only one challenging the local Republican establishment in Waretown.

Committeeman Daniel Collamer said Roche’s appointment will fill one of two openings on the board, which is responsible for determining what development applications are approved in the township. One vacancy on the board currently remains after Roche’s appointment.

 Committee Vote Both “Interesting And Ironic,” Says Roche

Mr. Roche told Ocean County Politics that he submitted the required application, and that he was interested in seeing whether or not the township committee would approve his membership, despite him not being a member of Waretown’s dominant, albeit sometimes divided, Republican organization.

Under the state Citizen Service Act, the municipality is required to accept applications of local residents who want to volunteer in their community by serving on local planning boards, zoning boards of adjustment, and other such boards and commissions governed by the state law.

Town Hall

Town Hall

“I find it both interesting and ironic that the all Republican committee appointed me unanimously,” he said of his successful appointment.

“I look forward to maximizing my new appointment in an effort to improve Waretown.”

Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. In 2017 he created New Jersey's first statewide freedom of information portal, OPRAmachine.com. He can be reached via email at editor@politicsoc.com or via phone at (732)-504-3636 ext. 1 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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4 Responses

  1. guest says:

    Yes the old trick, to keep them happy and quiet. Appoint them to something.

    • Gavin Rozzi says:

      There is one more gentleman whose appointment will be voted on at the next meeting. Tina Wetter asked attorney Greg McGuckin if it was possible for both to be voted on in one night, but they’re sticking with the original schedule for the second individual.

  2. Mercy Otis Warren says:

    A small piece of advice for Mr. Roche: do not try to improve Waretown. No government agent does that. Just try to maximize the amount of liberty each citizen enjoys and the improvement will take care of itself. Congrats on the appointment and good luck.

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