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Barnegat GOP Chair: “Culture of Corruption” Runs Long Beach Township

Mayor Mancini

Barnegat Republican Chairman Frank Santolla writes in this opinion piece alleging that a “culture of corruption” is running Long Beach Township under the current Mancini administration.

TO THE EDITOR: I’m sick of the over aggressive way motorists are treated and ticketed in LBT, especially the lifeguards; which, in my opinion, Mayor Joseph Mancini does not care for. It seems after speaking to many people in the community about these matters, that the police department, like most of the LBT departments, operate under the mayor’s strong directive. I allege, according to public record, that he has decimated and compromised what used to be the finest, documented and awarded beach patrol in the United States of America.  Hence, Joseph Mancini, the director of law and public safety for Long Beach Township, has made decisions that have compromised the safety of beach goers.

Mayor Mancini

Mayor Mancini

It is my opinion that Long Beach Township is  operating under a culture of corruption, and feel the mayor is abusing his power. People have reported that their jobs and businesses (newspaper reporters, restaurant owners, township employees) have been threatened by Joseph Mancini if they do not cooperate with him. Workers have reported that he uses the township offices and sometimes the employees, who feel intimidated on the job, for his own campaign and real estate practices. Does anyone else see a definite conflict of interest for a mayor who owns and operates a real estate office and home building company in the same town that he has total political control over? It is my understanding that he controls and influences the boards and departments to have the necessary ordinances approved in his favor and gives others that would be considered his competition an unjust and unfair hard time. This, coming from a man who has had 40 judgments filed against him from the 1990’s to date. I have the proof.

There are many other people who are disgusted and share the opinion that this one public official’s selfish and self-serving behavior has completely changed the old-fashion feeling that used to exist on LBI. Understand that Joe Mancini does not have the moral fortitude we admired in his father, the honorable James Mancini.

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Editor’s Note: Mr. Santolla also advised after submitting this letter that he has sent this information to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, and claimed that they will be following up further.

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