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LaVergne: MacArthur Must Disavow Trump, or Share in His Shame

Fred LaVergne

Like the rest of America I have now heard with my own ears the recently reported words spoken by Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The words themselves need not be repeated here to make my point, so I will not do so. As a husband to my (first and only) wife for 27 years (as of yesterday), as a father to four daughters, as a son of his mother, as brother to two sisters, as an uncle of twelve nieces, and as a human who has fought and will continue to fight for equality for women on all fronts, I now sadly join the Democrats, Independents, and my many decent Republican friends in expressing what at this point can only be fairly characterized as universal non-partisan outrage at and condemnation of such vulgar comments and behavior.

Let me also say that I am no shrinking violet, and I certainly do not claim that the vulgar words spoken are the first I have ever heard them uttered aloud by others. But this is not about mere impolite words that are not ordinarily spoken. Words and comments – even offensive and shocking and vulgar words – are in the end, still merely words. This is about what was actually being said with those words, what was being discussed with those words, and what was being admitted to with those words. Being said, mind you, not on a reality TV show, but from the mouth of the now Republican Candidate for the office of President of the United States.
This is about how those words were used by Mr. Trump to describe a pattern of his own conduct that should confirm for all reasonable minds that he is unfit for the office of President of the United States.
Mr. Trump unashamedly bragged about his relentless pursuit and failed sexual conquests of a married woman. He may have been married to his third wife when this failed sexual conquest of a married woman was occurring. Mr. Trump then goes on to openly describe his routine behavior which at best can be characterized as serial sexual harassment of women, and at worst could be fairly characterized as his routinely committing acts of unwanted criminal sexual contact and sexual assault on women. Mr. Trump refers to himself as a “Star”, implying that because of his special status that this it is all acceptable behavior. The logical extension of such “Trumpian” thinking is that once he is President that literally nothing would be off limits to him.
I ask you, what would President George Washington and the other founding fathers think of such a man and such admitted abhorrent conduct? I ask you, what message does failing to condemn and disavow such conduct and such a candidate send to the women that make up more than 50% of the nation’s population? All men and women are flawed. Not all transgressions are of such a nature as to disqualify someone from seeking the office of the President. But these particular compulsive and repetitive patterns of demonstrated repeated behavioral flaws should immediately disqualify this man in the eyes of all voters and in the eyes of all Democratic, Republican, and Independent candidates for public office.
Rep. MacArthur

Rep. MacArthur

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

My opponent was the first Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey to embrace and endorse Mr. Trump for President of the United States. Later my opponent was the only Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey willing to travel to the Republican National Convention in Ohio in support of and to be there for Mr. Trump’s formal acceptance of the nomination. Up until several hours ago Mr. Trump’s Vice Presidential Candidate was coming to New Jersey’s Congressional District 3 to “Stump for Trump” with my opponent. Apparently now that has been canceled. Last week well respected former Republican Congressman Dick Zimmer signed a letter with 30 other former Republican Members of the House condemning Mr. Trump and stating that they will not support or vote for Mr. Trump. And this was before the most recent revelations regarding Mr. Trumps’s past statements about women! Continuing to support Mr. Trump at this point, in the face of what is now known, has now become an issue of character.

I join the ranks of New Jersey’s own former Republican Congressman Dick Zimmer, American hero Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, and many others to now call on all Candidates for Congress in New Jersey – specifically including my opponent – to publicly and in writing to unequivocally “disavow” any further and future support for the Trump Presidential candidacy.
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