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Lawyers Postpone Mecka v. Coronato Hearing for Third Time; Appeal Tribunal Clears Mecka

FREEHOLD – The hearing scheduled for this Friday in the lawsuit filed by Detective Steven Mecka against the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato has been postponed again, Monmouth County Superior Court officials confirmed. New documents obtained this week also showed that the New Jersey Department of Labor’s Appeals Tribunal cleared Detective Mecka of wrongdoing.

A hearing in a lawsuit accusing senior staff of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and certain politically connected individuals of misconduct has been postponed yet again this week. Lawyers representing both sides were originally scheduled to appear before Judge James S. Perri, J.S.C. for a hearing on a motion for summary judgment this morning (Friday, October 14th, 2016).

Prosecutor Coronato

“Prosecutor Of The Year” Joseph Coronato

Court records indicated that this is now the third time the court appearance has been rescheduled in this matter. This same hearing was first set to be heard on September 2nd, 2016, but is now on hold until October 28th, 2016.


Our screenshot of the state ACMS database results for this case.

After Detective Mecka originally filed suit in Ocean County Superior Court, his lawsuit was transferred to Monmouth County due to potential conflicts of interest.

Complaint Amended In July

Readers following this case should be aware that an amended complaint has been filed in this case as of July. The amended complaint, as obtained by Ocean County Politics is located below:

State Appeals Tribunal Clears Detective Mecka

Despite the lawsuit’s glacial pace in making its way through the legal system, there was another development in the detective’s case, according to new documents obtained this week.

According to a copy of a September decision made by the state Department of Labor’s Appeals Tribunal we received, Detective Mecka has been cleared for unemployment benefits, after a challenge by his employer to his eligbility.

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office alleged that Detective Mecka filed “false reports” against some of his superiors, but the state Appeal Tribunal declared that “no disqualification arises” under state law as the allegations were not connected with the detective’s work duties.

The full decision is below:

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