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OPINION: Voters Shouldn’t Tolerate Retaliation From Long Beach Twp. Officials

The Long Beach Township commissioners and Mayor Joseph Mancini

TO THE EDITOR: In light of national events, I am baffled that the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former employee of Mayor Joe Mancini has not been discussed. What is even more disturbing is that threats of retaliation were carried out. This lady was revictimized when the mayor followed through on his threat to accuse her of theft after his advances were rejected. We will never know exactly what happened, since a settlement was reached. Was she paid to remain silent? I don’t know, but it seems she suffered retribution for standing up for herself.

The Long Beach Township commissioners and Mayor Joseph Mancini

The Long Beach Township commissioners and Mayor Joseph Mancini

As a mother, a nurse, and a woman, I want to know this history prior to the election. Are there other local women who were also harassed and/or bullied, and are too scared to speak up? Let me speak for them. Should I be afraid of retribution? False allegations? Will I (or my family) be targeted  for harassment and retaliation, as has been alleged by others?

I can not endorse anyone with a track record like this. More recently, the female challenger, Ms. Hagler, was targeted, with taxpayer money, via a case challenging her residency within Long Beach Township. Clearly, this case was frivolous, as the judge ruled in her favor within minutes.

This local election, and the Mayor, are eerily reminiscent of other men in power, whose first response to accusations was screaming LIAR…as happened to the female plaintiff, and more recently, Ms. Hagler.

We cannot tolerate this behavior by our elected officials.

Lisa Braunwell

Ship Bottom, NJ


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