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Tea Party Activist to Talk “Religious Liberty,” 1st Amendment in Barnegat

KrisAnne Hall

BARNEGAT – KrisAnne Hall, a conservative activist and attorney involved in the “tea party” conservative movement, will present a talk in Barnegat about issues surrounding “religious liberty” and its relationship with the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution on Wednesday night.

KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall

Hall, an attorney, author and talkshow host, will be traveling to Barnegat to speak Wednesday as a part of her self-described “Liberty Tour” through New Jersey and Pennsylvania where she will be speaking to several groups and organizations.

“Today Religious Liberty is under assault in America on a scale not seen in over 200 years,” Hall proclaimed in her description of the talk. “The truth is that the expansion of liberty throughout our history has almost always been fought within a religious liberty context.”

Mrs. Hall is a former Florida assistant prosecutor, who made headlines when she was fired from her job for participating in Tea Party rallies and speaking about her constitutional views outside of the workplace.

Hall filed a federal civil rights lawsuit after her termination, and eventually received an undisclosed settlement from her former employer, which included the payment of her legal fees. After the settlement, she doubled down on her activism efforts, holding her seminars in multiple states and writing books related to her views on the the United States Constitution and continuing her activism efforts.

In February of this year, Hall fanned the flames of the Amon Bundy standoff in Oregon by getting on a phone call to the remaining four occupiers during the heated standoff, The Oregonian reported.

“The phone call’s tone shifted with Hall’s arrival on the line,” the newspaper’s Kelly House wrote. “What had until then felt like a crisis negotiation became a monologue on Hall’s political views with pauses in which she checked in on the occupiers.”

In her talk, Hall say that she “shares the history that gave us the declarations we find in the 1st amendment and shows why a right understanding of these principles is vital to not only keeping religious liberty from being destroyed by its adversaries but also by its misguided advocates.”

The free event will take place on Wednesday October 12th, 2016 at 7:00 PM at St. Mary’s Church in Barnegat, which is located at  747 West Bay Avenue.

Hall took to Facebook Tuesday morning to announce her upcoming appearance, in the video embedded below:

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