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Ferwerda: Who Really Won in Little Egg Harbor?

Recently, I was an advocate for a candidate in my municipality’s choice for a Township Committee person.  Although my candidate lost the election, I am wondering if the people have really won.

The path of my candidate to represent the people was cluttered with issues of a violation of our Constitution’s First Amendment, economic abilities of the tax payer to pay, the need to protect our quality of life, and to manage its growth based upon the applying the principles of science and people needs.  The science of law and economics is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions based upon analysis.

Our tool box for our democratic process is the process used in achieving this is our First Amendment’s right of the people and that of our information source the press.  We expect them to disclose and then the people to seek redress of their grievances.  However, to achieve these goals the freedom to speak and disclosure requires that we hold our elected and appointed leaders to report to us what they are doing to protect our health, safety, and economic prosperity.  This was clearly stated by the people’s response to the recently completed campaign for public offices.

I am of the opinion that the people want to discourage the practices of our elected officials avoiding the enforcement of enforcing rules based upon the principles of science, to obtain the greatest benefit from government for the least cost, to become educated as to the basis for the science based rules to protect and serve, and to avoid being the people’s advocate and be proactive in challenging government when it compromises their quality of life.

It has been understood by the voter that the person they elected was informed as to the rules and their commitment to follow them or in the alternative by their knowledge of the basis for the rule change it to be in harmony with the People’s quality of life expectations.  The people want their quality of life (health and safety) protected not compromised to satisfy the economic needs of select parties via application of rule circumvention.  This is illustrated by the on going controversy involving the use of emails by our public officials.

Realistically, there must be a balance between the practice of greed and peoples needs and wants.  Our taxes are increasing; our jobs are disappearing, while crime continues to flourish.  This must change.

Our newly elected leaders must work for the people not the benefits of the few.  The election results in a public declaration of the people saying, we the people, want our government to promote change to obtain a better life style for all of our community. We the people do not want our elected representatives to kick the can down the road as has been the pass practices.  Our Declaration of Independence made in 1776 must be satisfied by our newly elected and career government officials satisfying our demand for the “People’s Rights” being delivered, not the lost of jobs, homes, and victims of crime.  These inalienable rights must be a priority of our government.

I hope that this will be a product of the people speaking through the election process.


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