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Judge Will Decide if Christie Should Get Special Prosecutor Next Week

Gov. Christie

A judge is set to hold a hearing next week to decide if a special prosecutor will be appointed to investigate official misconduct allegations against Governor Chris Christie following a municipal court judge’s October determination that the allegations had probable cause.

Bill Brennan, the man who filed citizen’s complaint that was found to have probable cause against Governor Christie, spoke out in a YouTube video in anticipation of next week’s court date regarding whether or not a special prosecutor will be appointed to investigate the allegations made against Christie by Brennan.

Gov. Christie

Gov. Christie

“Governor Christie was informed that local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge had been closed in retaliation for somebody not engaging in a political action that was favorable to the governor,” Brennan said. “That’s dereliction of duty and a violation of official misconduct statutes.”

On October 13th, 2016 a Bergen County municipal court judge found probable cause that Christie violated state official misconduct statutes in connection with the “Bridgegate” lane closure scandal that has plagued the governor during his second term. Brennan said in the video that the judge’s probable cause finding on his citizen’s complaint is akin to a grand jury deciding to indict Christie.

Without Special Prosecutor, “The Governor Will Control Whether Or Not He Gets Prosecuted”

Brennan argues that a special prosecutor is the only way to ensure that his allegations against Governor Christie are fairly adjudicated. “Unless somebody steps in and checks and balances this branch of government, the governor will control whether or not he gets prosecuted,” said Brennan, citing the fact that both the prosecutor and attorney general are Christie political appointees.

“The eyes of the world need to be on this issue,” he added. “We are at a dangerous juncture here, where somebody has placed themselves beyond the reach of the law.”

Governor Christie, for his part, has denied the allegations from the start and has vowed to mount a legal defense to the complaint.

The hearing will be held by Bergen County assignment judge Bonnie Mizdol on Wednesday November 30th, 2016 at 9 AM at the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack.

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