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OPINION: Manchester Council Revives Energy Plan Opposed by Residents

The Manchester Council

TO THE EDITOR: At their November 14th meeting, the Manchester Township Council buried the Department of Public Utilities, resurrected the resident opposed search for outside energy, and made nice on the 30 page Master plan and revealed plans to paint the Route 37 million gallon water tower – artist unnamed. The former Public Utilities department,with its east and west sections separate, will reappear as one of seven divisions of the new Department of Public Works whose director, name and salary undisclosed, will have a 5-year tenure.

The Manchester Council

The Manchester Council

The program to bring outside energy to Manchester has been on and off the council’s agenda for 3 years. A no-bid contract was awarded to Gabel Associates to find a lower utility price and residents will automatically be connected to the new vendor unless they wish to withdraw. Over the years, citizens have complained about what Councilman Frattini called playing “big brother.”
New Jersey requires planning boards to review master plans and zoning regulations at least once a decade and have changes be approved by the council. Buried in the 30-page document are 16 changes, many suggested by the shadowy Township Commercial and Development Committee whose names and meeting dates are unnamed. Many religious uses and private and public schools rules are in the 30 pages of Ordinance 16-036 ,and there are more lot numbers than street names, encryption at its best.


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