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Lakewood School Board Member Should be Reprimanded, Education Commissioner Rules

LAKEWOOD – The state commissioner of education has upheld a decision rendered by the School Ethics Commission finding that Lakewood Board of Education member Alex Janklowicz violated the state School Ethics Act by failing to file a financial disclosure statement on time, and that he should be given the penalty of reprimand for doing so.

According to the written decision issued in November, Alex Janklowicz, a member of the Lakewood school board, violated the state school ethics act by failing to file his financial disclosure statement with state ethics officials on a timely basis.

The School Ethics Commission served Janklowicz with an order to show cause regarding his unfiled financial and relative disclosure statements, which school board members are required to complete under state law.

According to the commission, Janklowicz subsequently filed the requisite financial disclosures, but only after being served with the order to show cause in connection with this matter. The forms were filed before the state ethics panel was to meet to adjudicate the charges.

Janklowicz was issued the penalty of reprimand, the lowest level of penalty for school board members found to have broken the state ethics law.

“Upon review, the Commissioner concurs with the penalty recommended by the Commission in consequence of respondent’s failure to timely honor an obligation placed upon school board members by law,” the ruling read. “Additionally, respondent [Janklowicz] is admonished for causing the unnecessary expenditure of administrative and adjudicative resources at both State and local levels.”

See the decision:

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