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[VIDEO] Lisa Stevens Explains Why She Walked Out of November Committee Meeting

Little Egg Harbor Committeewoman Lisa Stevens, now a Republican

TOWNSHIP OF LITTLE EGG HARBOR – Lisa Stevens, an elected official who caused a November meeting of the township’s governing body to be canceled for lack of a quorum after she decided to walk out of the meeting, offered an explanation for her actions at Thursday night’s meeting.

“I could not in good conscience stand by while the mayor chose not to sit in his chair,” said Committeewoman Lisa Stevens as justification for shirking her duties and leaving a November committee meeting because her estranged running mate was set to preside over it.

“That goes against everything I believe in,” declared Stevens, a Democrat who has become distant from her own party and the Great Bay Democratic organization, despite officially remaining affiliated with the party.  “He [Mayor Gene Kobryn] was the gentleman that we voted in, and that was his task.”

Stevens portends that rather than “take a side” in recent political turmoil that has riled Little Egg Harbor, she is instead  “on the community’s side.”

Mayor Kobryn, for his part, said at the time of the committee meeting that wasn’t, Stevens was “visibly upset” when she learned that her running mate, Deputy Mayor Dave Schlick, was to preside over the November meeting of Little Egg Harbor’s governing body, at the request of Kobryn.

Despite Stevens’ rhetoric, at least one of the residents that spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting was skeptical of the elected official’s explanation, according to readers who attended the meeting.

Under Little Egg Harbor’s form of government, the township is governed by a 5-member township committee, with each member being elected on an at-large basis. The mayor and deputy mayor are elected by a majority vote from the committee’s members at the January reorganization meeting, and the job of the mayor largely consists of presiding over the meetings and it is largely a ceremonial title, with each member of the township committee having equal power.

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Freeholder Jack Kelly’s Son Gets A Promotion

Also seen at the meeting was Freeholder John P. “Jack” Kelly, who was present to see his son, a Little Egg Harbor police officer, promoted to the rank of sergeant. In his new role, Sergeant John P. Kelly will earn $118,080.


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