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Lacey’s Discenza Skewers Pinelands Commission: “You Look Like a Bunch of Marionettes”

BROWNS MILLS – At a contentious meeting of the New Jersey Pinelands Commission, Regina Discenza, an often outspoken member of the Lacey Township Board of Education, appeared in her capacity as a private citizen to speak out against the pipeline, and hit Pinelands Commission members with several one-liners.

Discenza was among many of those who chose to speak out at the January 24th, 2017 meeting, as the pipeline applications continue to face mounting public opposition and questions regarding the legality of the process being taken by the Pinelands Commission to approve them.

She said that the doors to the meeting were closed 10 minutes before the advertised start time of the public meeting. The meeting was originally scheduled to be held in Manahawkin, but was abruptly moved to Browns Mills, as officials cited the need for a larger venue.

“This venue was inappropriate if 200 people were left standing outside and the doors were closed by 9:20 – 10 minutes before the advertised time for the meeting,” she said.

“I hope all of you are very pleased with yourselves for adhering to the law,” she told Pinelands commissioners at the meeting in Browns Mills. “Law, L-A-W, it’s in the dictionary – look it up.”

“If you need a scissor, I’ll be happy to help cut all the political strings that are attached to you, because if you think the public can’t see the strings that are attached to you, you’re very mistaken.”

“To me, you look like a bunch of marionettes,” she said, which drew applause and cheers from the audience.

Citing media reports regarding costs to ratepayers of New Jersey Natural Gas as a result of the pipeline costs, she said “This is gonna cost everybody, in more ways than one.”

Another Lacey resident is an appointed member of the Pinelands Commission, Gary Quinn, who is an elected township committee member from that town.

Environmental groups have accused Governor Chris Christie and State Senate President Steve Sweeney of exerting political pressure in order to push the pipelines through.

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