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OPINION: More Hypocrisy From the Jackson Council

The Jackson Council

JACKSON – How can our newly installed Jackson Council be described?

Shameful, hypocritical or perhaps just plain foolish? They have the gall to say they will work to maintain our quality of life and will assure open government. I think NOT! They claim a “mandate” from the voters, a mandate, seriously? Well, Landslide Bressi, Landslide Nixon and Landslide Calogero received only 52% of the vote while “NOBODY” received 48% of the vote.

The Jackson Council

Wake up guys, there was no mandate, there was just no choice. Jackson had the most write-in votes in its history, what does that tell you? “Nobody” plus “write-in” probably got the most votes. First they tried to sneak in a disgraced judge onto the Jackson Township payroll, but alert residents embarrassed them into postponing the vote. This Gilmore Girl will probably be snuck back in though, so beware.

Now, they appointed a builder/investor, Peter Kitay, of County Line Construction to the Zoning Board! This is a person who has used his own lawyers, architects and variety of professionals, to push his own applications through the board.

Aren’t these the very people who are attempting to earn huge profits at the expense of our quality of life? I’m just thinking out of the box here. This appointee should save our Jackson Council members from themselves and not accept this appointment. The integrity of the Zoning Board will be suspect unless the appointment of Mr. Kitay is terminated. How in the heck does this keep happening and by the way, word has it Mr. Kitay has done work for some on our Council. Why did you abstain from this vote, Mr. Bressi?

Should there ever be a builder/developer on our Zoning Board? Inquiring minds want to know


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