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Plumsted PBA Claims “Unprecedented” Turnover, Blames Township Committee

NEW EGYPT – 9 officers have left the Plumsted Township Police Department since 2013, an “unprecedented” turnover rate, with the latest officer to leave Plumsted for another agency leaving in January of this year, according to a PBA statement.

“The reasons members have cited upon their resignation and departure for new agencies has been the unwillingness of the township committee to pay a fair and comparable wage compared to other agencies,” the PBA claimed in a statement.

PBA Local 390, which represents the department’s rank-and-file officers, claimed that the department currently has 7 officers that are currently being paid $35,704 per year, who have not received step increases. “The top pay for a officer in Plumsted Township is $70,000 which is $20,000 lower than the average pay for a police officer in Ocean County,” the PBA statement said.

Salary guides included with a copy of the current contract obtained via the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) stipulated that officers would remain on the same step that they were at as of December 31st, 2013 for the duration of the contract, and that no step increases will be given unless negotiated into a successor collective bargaining agreement.

The current collective bargaining agreement between PBA Local 390 and the Township of Plumsted expired on December 31st, 2016, according to the contract, with the PBA indicating that negotiations with the township remain ongoing.

“Currently our union is in contract negotiations with the township in an attempt to fix our contract and end the current trend of a revolving door and transient police department.”

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