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Walker: Jackson Council Makes “Major Error of Judgment” By Appointing Builder to Zoning Board

The Jackson Council

JACKSON – At the Township annual reorganization meeting, the Council appointed Peter Kitay of County line Construction to the Zoning Board.

The new Council under the leadership of Council President Ken Bressi made a major error of judgment with this appointment. We respect Mr. Kitay as a businessman. However, his appointment to the Zoning Board presents a major concern about the many conflicts of interest a major builder can have.

Mr. Kitay has previously appeared before this Zoning Board requesting variances for his construction business. Can he now be trusted to fairly protect the residents from overbuilding, to fairly protect our Master Plan and to fairly protect our way of life? We have all noted that a neighboring town has filled their Planning Board and Zoning Board with friends of builders and investors. Do we want this slippery slope of unrestrained and poorly planned construction to begin in our Town?

As concerned residents we strongly urge Mr. Kitay to withdraw his appointment to the Zoning Board and correct the poor judgment of the new misguided leadership of our Council.

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