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The Gilmore Files: Lacey Township Edition


Documents related to Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore have been pouring into the hands of federal investigators as subpoenas have been served across the county. We publish in full 2384 pages of resolutions, meeting minutes and legal bills going back to 2010 that one Ocean County municipality turned over to federal investigators in response to a subpoena.

Here are the documents Lacey Township has given to federal investigators in connection with the widening investigation into George Gilmore. Presumably, the documents sent from the other towns covered by the subpoenas would be similar to Lacey’s. OPRA requests have been filed elsewhere, but the other municipalities and the county have yet to respond. Other concerned citizens are seeking the same documents from Jackson and elsewhere.

Lacey Township Clerk / Administrator Veronica Laureigh provided the documents in response to an Open Public Records Act request made Thursday morning. The OPRA statute requires a response by the custodian of records within 7 business days but we were provided with the documents on the same day our request was made.

There is nothing particularly groundbreaking in these documents, as they could have been obtained by an OPRA request at any time, but they do give some insight into what records are now in the hands of the FBI and US Attorney’s office.

Using document manipulation software, the PDF file embedded below consists of all documents that were provided after the FBI came knocking with a subpoena. The files were originally multiple PDF files, but for simplicity’s sake they have been combined into one file. Federal investigators sought legal bills, contracts and meeting minutes pertaining to George Gilmore and his law firm. As previously noted, of the public entities served with subpoenas, the subpoena issued to Lacey Township sought the same documents in that town as the subpoenas demanded in other municipalities like Little Egg Harbor and Jackson. All 2384 pages can be viewed below.

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