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GOP Gov. Candidate Rullo Says “Drain the Swamp in Trenton” at Lacey Event Ahead of OCGOP Endorsement Vote

Joe Rullo

LACEY – Republican gubernatorial underdog Joseph Rudy Rullo addressed supporters at the Lacey Diner this Sunday prior to the upcoming Ocean County GOP Convention slated for later this week.

In anticipation of Wednesday’s Ocean County Republican nominating convention, Rullo has hit the campaign trail around the county, with Sunday’s appearance in Lacey followed up by a planned event in Little Egg Harbor on Monday. Rullo, a landscaper from Little Egg Harbor is running in the Republican primary for the 2017 governor’s race.

Republican Gubernatorial CandidateJoseph Rullo, seen Sunday in Lacey.

Rullo, frequently seen as an outlier in the race, is competing with more established politicians like Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers and others as the GOP field of candidates continues to grow. Despite a poor showing in poll numbers, Rullo has remained undeterred and has been pushing forward with a grassroots campaign to woo Republican primary voters.

Number One In All The Wrong Things

A key message of Rullo’s campaign has been the effect of the state’s poor fiscal management, which he claims has lead to the state being “number one in all the wrong things.” “People are starting to leave in droves,” Rullo said. “When you raise taxes, people leave the state.”

Trump Support

Rullo emphasized his past and present support of President Donald Trump.  “It wasn’t even a decision to me whether or not I was going to support him or not,” Rullo declared. He expressed contempt for other Republicans that “jumped on the Christie bandwagon” during the governor’s failed 2016 presidential campaign.

“I went with Trump,” Rullo said. “I wasn’t a turncoat like Guadagno was.”

Marijuana Legalization

A key policy area where Rullo has differed with other Republicans has been the area of marijuana legalization. Speaking to supporters, Rullo reiterated his support for legalizing recreational marijuana if elected.”We’re gonna earmark revenue to reliable positions so that we make the debt in our state and the responsibilities in our state are going to be met.”

Rullo also criticized the “politically connected” firms that have profited off of fees charged to the state pension funds, and also laid criticism of Democrat frontrunner Phil Murphy’s past ties to Goldman Sachs.

“We need to drain the swamp in Trenton and everybody knows that,” Rullo added. “We need to get through the primary, once we get through the primary I will focus on Murphy who has been with Goldman Sachs which made him rich.”

Ocean County’s Republicans will vote for who they’ll be endorsing both in the governor’s race and other elections at the county meeting this Wednesday.

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