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OPINION: Support Jackson’s Dorm Ban Ordinance

Dear Jackson Township Residents,

It is time for the RESIDENTS of the Township to personally thank our elected officials for their time and efforts in writing the two controversial dormitory ordinances, as well as their objectives to control the destiny of our township.
I kindly ask that you please copy and paste the following letter to Mayor Mike Reina and Council, not only thanking them for their interest in initiating a complete ban of dormitories in all residential and commercial zones, but for allowing “We The People” to have a voice in how our town is shaped. The next council meeting (where these ordinances will be listed on the agenda) is scheduled for March 14th at 7:30 PM – I urge every resident to pack the meeting room. Check the calendar often so you can also attend the Planning Board meeting. (This Monday) ?
This is critical in getting our points across! Remember that intellect always wins!
Email addresses:
Kindly copy and paste this letter below;


Dear Mayor Reina and Council,


Thank you for giving our residents a voice in how we shape our community going forward.


Please be advised that I fully support the passage of Ordinances #03-17 “Amending and Supplementing Chapter 244 of the Township Code of the Township of Jackson, Entitled “Land Use and Development Regulations”, as well as Ordinance #04-17 “Amending and Supplementing Chapter 244 of the township code of the Township of Jackson, Entitled “Land Use and Development Regulations”.
  1. I understand that supporting these two ordinances will support my position that a “complete ban of dormitories in all residential and commercial zones” is justified and not consistent with the original master plan of the township, and will survive legal tests.
  2. I wish to thank you for your support as we look forward to allowing quality of life to prevail in Jackson.
  3. Sincerely Yours,
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