Potential Trouble Awaits Monday’s MacArthur Town Hall

Jeff Epstein

Jeff Epstein

Jeff is the co-founder of Citizens’ Media TV. He was a super-volunteer for Bernie Sanders, was one of around forty candidates in the country to be personally endorsed by the senator, and was a pledged delegate at the 2016 DNC. Jeff is also a finalist for Brand New Congress. You can see more of his writing on citizensmedia.tv.

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  • Ken Bank

    Interesting that TMac chose the most GOP friendly portion of the district, and the smallest public venue he could find. And if anybody thinks TMac’s staff had nothing to do with organizing his supporters, there’s a bridge across the Hudson River I’d like to sell.

    • guest

      This is deep , deep in inbreed Red Gilmore land.

      • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

        Poor haven’t yet Old Pineys with Dementia who are too stupid to know they want to take your “entitlements” of SS and Medicare good luck with Trumpcare and your voucher
        Why is Happy Not in jail yet?

  • Mercy Otis Warren

    I just read the law about 6 times and it contains typical (almost unreadable) legalese. Unless I am reading it wrong (which may be the case), it would not affect NJ because this state does not issue permits to carry. It helps all the liberty oriented states who are too self centered to have reciprocity, but it does not help tyrannical states like the one MacArthur hails from. A simple laws which states the following would however help NJ: “The 2nd Amendment explicitly recognized the right of every US citizen to own and carry a firearms. Pursuant to the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, any legislation from any state that contravenes or in any way obstructs that right is null and void.” Fat chance MacArthur would ever actually support a piece of legislation that may help his constituents though.

    • aliteralmind

      This is the author: I’m having a hard time understanding the law as well. The text of the law seems to say that as long as your home state has an open carry law, you can carry anywhere in the country. I have heard interpretations that as long as you have a permit anywhere in the country, you can carry in New Jersey, regardless of your residence.

      That NJ2AS is excited about the potential for this law, implies that it will affect New Jersey.

      • USAFWX

        I was reading the law also and as it is written, it seems to give protections to people in other states that have conceal carry permits but does nothing for residents of NJ. Others are interpreting it to allow people with out of state carry permits who are residents of NJ will also be able to carry here but I don’t see that in the law.

        • Mercy Otis Warren

          It seems to depend on whether part (A) and (B) are referring to the word “state” directly proceeding it or the word “state” just before that. If it is the former, it does not seem to help us. If it is the latter, it may, because while NJ does not — practically speaking — issue the license to carry, they do have a statute technically allowing the practice. So maybe that is why these guys are getting excited. Either way, the law as written is inexcusably ambiguous and a court could construe it one way or the other. What perplexes me is the lack of clarity. Are these people truly incapable of drafting laws that are clear and concise? Or do they make them ambiguous on purpose? My bet is on the latter; that way maybe their law firms back home will be hired to litigate the issue once it most assuredly goes to court. This is all assuming the law passes in the first place.

      • Mercy Otis Warren

        Even if the interpretation above is correct, it still would not help NJ residences. PA and DE would be the big beneficiaries of this law in this part of the country. NJ, NY, CT, MA, and MD have horrible gun laws. Does anyone know what the deal is with NJ residence in say PA, NH, VT or ME. When in those states, do NJ laws apply to NJ gun owners, or do the laws of those states?