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4th Congressional District

“He Won’t Talk, So We Must Walk” – Congressman Chris Smith Met By Protesters at Fundraiser

SPRING LAKE – Republican Congressman Chris Smith, who represents the 4th congressional district, was greeted by a crowd of protesters as he held a fundraiser at the Breakers on the Ocean Hotel this Sunday.

The scene of protests Sunday. (Photo by Gavin Rozzi)

Demonstrators expressed their frustration with the congressman, who hasn’t held a town hall meeting in over 25 years and maintains a house in Virginia despite representing northern Ocean County and parts of Monmouth.

Congressman Smith

Photo by Gavin Rozzi

More protesters

Jim Keady, a Spring Lake resident who last year unsuccessfully sought the nomination to run as the Democratic candidate in the 3rd congressional district, was seen participating in the protest.

Chants shouted by the protesters included “He won’t talk, so we must walk” along with demands for the congressman to hold a town hall with his constituents.

At one point, members of the crowd shouted “Where’s Chris Smith?” to which they replied “Hiding!”


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