Gilmore Tax Debt Continues to Soar, Another Six-Figure Lien Recorded Against GOP Chair’s Home

The IRS has issued another six-figure federal tax lien against Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore’s Toms River home for taxes due in 2015, public records on file with the Ocean County Clerk’s Office confirmed.

George Gilmore’s Cranmoor Drive Home, seen from our drone.

The lien, recorded on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 in the Ocean County Clerk’s Office is in the amount of $323,291.12 and is against George & Joanne Gilmore’s Cranmoor Drive home in Toms River.

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Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. He can be reached via email at or via phone at (848)-667-0840 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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  • Tommy p

    How can a lawbreaker have any connection with the government? He needs to step-down.

    • Mac

      It’s Ocean County government. Frankly, if you’re not a lawbreaker, you can’t be trusted. Code of ethics, and, of course, group security.

  • Mac

    Wow! What a fantastically perfectly created and developed location on a point location of Barnegat Bay. It seems to be a much more deceivingly landscaped piece of real estate than a similar location on the Shrewsbury River in Monmouth Beach that it seems to imp so magnificently . Of course, in Monmouth Beach, it’s referred to more candidly in mixed company as the area’s sewage plant.

    • Mercy Otis Warren

      You – sir- are a pleasure to read; great content and commentary.

      • Mac

        Thank you.

  • llewellynh

    Is this yet another lien and do you know what the grand total now is. Absolutely amazing that this is going on.

    • Mac

      This is the Ocean County business-as-usual program that has arrogantly been going on unchallenged for over 25 years now, and perhaps too many more years to count. What’s truly amazing is that the Gilmore stain, albeit so vastly extensive that he was warned about leading it to the stake through the heart finale of the racketeering operation, is just the tip of an iceberg that is still being charted, with no end in sight.

      From my personal experience with this operation, I’m satisfied there is nothing in Ocean County government, and its 33 branch junior operations, that isn’t wholly corrupt. However, I’ve basically limited myself to recording the past 30 years, so I can’t say for certain if there has ever been any breeches in the corrupting nature of this 300-year-old leadership history record of Middle Ages fiefdom values and practices.

    • Golden Years

      I have read about owing funds to the IRS, it seems there are people and corporations that owe this kind of money and far, far more. The problem I see is that ,the vast majority of these situations are resolved with either your accountant and or attorneys make a financial arrangements to pay the money back over time and that is what the IRS wants in the first place. When you cannot make any deals……………………………… then there is something else in the wind, as may be in this case.

      • Mac

        Well, it’s save to say Gilmore and Norcross own the US Prosecutor’s Office for the state of NJ. First, there was Christie in the office, who didn’t indict anyone for over a dozen well-documented civil rights violations in Seaside Park that resulted in over a dozen multi-million dollar payouts that denied any police fault or abuses have anything to do with the payouts. But Christie did seem to convince Gilmore that underwriting his first pursuit of office as NJ Governor would be a wise decision.

        Then Christie appointed most of the rogue prosecutor’s in his federal office of former trusted officials to head-up all of the positions of NJ government that could speak out about what was going on behind closed doors in NJ government operation while all the state treasury assets, emergency reserves and values were being shredded and passed onto his cherished allies in corruption.

        Then Fishman, who some compare to a remarkable Stepford Wife Joe Vicari clone, took over, and nothing more happened, except the indictment of two expendable Christie subjects who amazingly managed to come up with a multi-million dollar defense team, and are positively not showing any struggles with finances as they entertain us by diverting our attention away from Christie’s final plundering of NJ before his time is mercifully up.

        One can only hope Trump doesn’t appoint Christie as a special prosecutor to investigate himself. It could become Christie’s toughest job yet in order to become certified as the official taste tester of White House meatloaf recipes, and it creates a real danger that either Norcross in Christie’s left front pants pocket, Gilmore in Christie’s right front pants pocket, or Joey Di Duh, Christie’s favorite romper room pal, riding in his dress shirt pocket could fall out and be so stunned from their fall from grace that they could angrily shout out, “Hey Twitter stalker. Start paying some attention to those that got you elected, and stop feeding Christie meatloaf until you are prepared to travel with us in his back pants pocket as he winds himself through his patented halls of deception.”

  • TRWatch

    Only a matter of time before the hammer drops, and it ain’t going to be just Gilmore.

  • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

    At what point does it go from opphs my bad to tax evasion?
    What else are they going to find?
    Who will cut a deal first?
    Who will replace him or will the tax payers get a break?
    But then again we have the local tc who bonded 6 mil for a not neede 1/4 mil road which will unlock a land locked parcel of land. Can you say conflict of interest? Perhaps the feds could look into that too?
    Lock Happy UP

    • guest

      What town council?

      • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

        Lacey TC
        Lock Him UP
        Why do towns still employ Happy Gilmore?

        • Mac

          Several of each town’s leadership are county and local government employees serving as mayors, or sitting on various town committees and town boards, commissions, MUAs, etc. etc. etc.. If any of these ‘publicly elected/appointed servants of the people’ try to take off their political kneepads and stand up on their own feet, they not only lose the lucrative position they hold within the town, they lose their job, income, and usually their home while earning a county-wide, at least, blackballing. Most people, if not all people, serving in any of these positions refuse to even give up their family health care benefits in order to maintain their own public self-respect. What are the chances of anyone else with more to lose risking it all to do what they believe is best for their community, including those of you sitting there reading this if you were serving in such a position?

          Frankly, these are all part-time positions of personally self-pursued public service seekers, not full-time jobs, or even part-time jobs. Why do any of these positions come with full taxpayer funded family health benefit plans costing $30,000 to $40,000 dollars average for each person blessed with them?

          Those that have two or more such benefits can use the best one and cash in, for usually 50% of its value, the other ones they can’t use by state law. Imagine having to sacrifice up to an hour six or eight times a year to collect your health benefits and pension credits serving in the position of a MUA commissioner? Imagine having a county job, and being able to cash in $15,000 to $20,000 of our tax dollars for shuffling some papers for perhaps an hour or so a few times a year. Husband and wife teams make out better than armed car bandits.

          This health care control, that can be the sole reason an opportunist runs for office, is one of the strongest weapons a party boss has in NJ to keep his kneepads in the proper position. Now you know what the Ocean County GOP is so proud of its motto: ‘More Bang For The Buck.’

          • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

            Most of us know just how dirty they all are from the Friends N Family Plans. However is it worth going to the can with Happy?
            The Feds are going to get him. He is way too arrogant and dirty not to go to jail. The only question I have is he taking people with him. How does Ritaco go to jail and Happy didn’t go with him?
            Again how many times can you claim opphs before it tax evasion?

          • Mac

            Even though Ritacco, along with Gilmore, were main players on Christie’s transition team after Christie won the first time when Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to come out and vote for Corzine a second time, Christie couldn’t protect Ritacco like he could protect his chosen core group of other homegrown pirates rushing to set fires to draw suckers towards the beaches where they could be plundered and disposed off like in the good old days. Ritacco had gone outside his protected zone by greedily getting in bed with the school corruption scandal in Perth Amboy, and Christie didn’t find out about it in time to protect him from harm without risking blowing his entire operation of deceit in the process of setting up their empire. However, other Ocean County school systems were quickly whitewashed to protect others associated within the scandal.

          • Mac

            No limit to oophs. There was once a local post office that needed a new location in Ocean County. A well-known and powerful Ocean County power provided a building for that exact purpose. However, the building had about $60,000 in damages at today’s values that had to be corrected before the building could be publicly used, and the post office refused to move in until the damages were fixed.

            The short version. One phone call, and the post office both moved in and paid for the damages. Just another everyday event in Ocean County.

          • guest

            From what I can see you are mostly correct. The good folks that run these agencies, like Municipal Town halls, MUAs that you indicate seem to favor hiring next of kin and crony’s of elected officials.

          • Mac

            I’m just trying to scrape the surface and show you where some of the hidden underground tunnel doors are located. As voters, it’s your choice whether you continue to allow new tunnels of deceit to continue the be built to reinforce the same old, same old standard bearers of your futures serving today. I certainly haven’t walked all the tunnel passages, but I do know that they don’t get any prettier or less toxic as you expand your searches throughout them.

  • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

    Lock Him UP