Democratic Governor Candidate Jim Johnson Accuses Frontrunner Phil Murphy of Blatant and Extensive Campaign Finance Violations

Jeff Epstein

Jeff Epstein

Jeff is the co-founder of Citizens’ Media TV. He was a super-volunteer for Bernie Sanders, was one of around forty candidates in the country to be personally endorsed by the senator, and was a pledged delegate at the 2016 DNC. Jeff is also a finalist for Brand New Congress. You can see more of his writing on

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    Good for Johnson! Hope Murphy pays for his scheming!

  • Title 19 Groupie

    Murphy is a fraud

    • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

      Why? They all are?
      Look at me I scammed how many ppl and paid 25 million thru Trump U and I’m the President and you are NOT
      Its huuug bigly believe me its a disaster
      I don’t even make the crap I sell with my slogan Make America Great Again in the US but its made in Chinnnnna

  • Ken Bank

    No big deal. Just a handful of political munchkins trying to take down the wizard of oz. At least Murph uses his own money. The rest, like the Wiz, have been selling themselves to Wall Street and other special interests for decades.