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Fromosky Sues Little Egg Harbor Officials, Claims Retaliation, Conspiracy


Citing “unlawful attempts to cover-up illegal conduct and theft,” Michael Fromosky, the Little Egg Harbor code enforcement officer previously embroiled in an alleged sexual harassment controversy, has filed a lawsuit against the township claiming it was a part of a conspiracy led by 4 township officials seeking retaliation.



The 2-count lawsuit, which was filed by Vineland-based attorney Richard Pescatore on behalf of Fromosky in Ocean County

Superior Court names the Township of Little Egg Harbor, Administrator / CFO Garrett Loesch, Former Mayor Eugene Kobryn, Police Chief Richard Buzby and Committeeman Dave Schlick as defendants, according to public court documents obtained by OCP.
In his complaint, Fromosky alleges violations of the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA), as well as the New Jersey Civil Rights Act. He claims that the defendants named in his suit were part of “a group, faction or coalition of individuals politically or otherwise affiliated with one another and acting in concert” to deprive him of his constitutional rights. Fromosky claims that he was assessed “non-meritorious” discipline charges, and that the named defendants referred to him as a “cancer.”



He further alleges that the Little Egg Harbor officials “unlawfully” promised his supervisors a salary increase if they were to orchestrate his termination. Fromosky charges that the sexual harassment complaint, which accused him of stating that a female employee got her job because of time she spent “under the chief’s desk” – was actually written by Little Egg Harbor Police Chief Richard Buzby.
Since 2016, it has been no secret that the relationship between Fromosky and Chief Buzby has been nothing short of rocky. In a leaked email sent to Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato, Buzby claimed that Fromosky was engaging in selective enforcement against his property for code violations in response to Fromosky’s belief that Buzby played a role in Fromosky’s firing from a patronage job given to him at the Ocean County Department of Corrections at the behest of his in-law, Ocean County Freeholder Jack Kelly.

“There is no record of any subsequent complaint so the reason Fromosky opened this closed file months later is completely unknown to me, other than the fact he was simultaneously complaining that Sheriff Mastronardy and I had gotten him fired from the county appointment at around the same time,” Buzby wrote to Coronato in 2016.

The subsequent investigation report into the sexual harassment complaint conducted by labor attorney Robert Greitz concluded that there was “no question” Fromosky violated the township’s sexual harassment policy.
“The undeniable inference which any reasonable person would draw from Fromosky’s comment was that the female employee was performing fellatio on the male employee as a part of her job requirements, Greitz wrote in the 2016 report. “Such a comment not only runs afoul not only of the Township’s policy, but also can be found to run afoul of anti-sexual harassment laws,” he wrote in a confidential memo.

But Fromosky, for his part, contends that the defendants “conspired to actually create a bogus or false claim of sexual harassment against [him] intending to deprive [him] of his position of employment/property right.”
Fromosky claims to have suffered “significant emotional distress, pecuniary losses and other damages.” He is seeking monetary damages and attorney’s fees against Little Egg Harbor.

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