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GOP Sources: Buckelew Steaming Over Gilmore’s Unpaid Tax Bills

Joe Buckelew’s patience for Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore is beginning to wear thin, GOP sources confided.

George Gilmore

Joe Buckelew

Buckelew is the former Ocean County Republican chairman and Lakewood mayor turned business partner of South Jersey Democratic patriarch George Norcross.

Well placed Republican sources said that Buckelew is pushing for Gilmore – who is facing a federal grand jury probe into his financial situation – to pay up his substantial amount of federal tax liens, among other loans received from political figures around the state on favorable terms, but it is not yet clear if Gilmore will be able to pay.

One source reached Thursday afternoon described Buckelew’s request as an “ultimatum” of sorts, with a two month timeframe. Another source close to the former Ocean County GOP chairman said that Buckelew is worried about any potential blowback and damage to his reputation as a result of the Gilmore situation and the federal attention which it has been receiving.

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