NJ vs. Samson Probable Cause Hearing, as Brought Forth by Bill Brennan, is Adjourned for Two Weeks

On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 4th, Seton Hall Law graduate, retired firefighter, and current Democratic candidate for New Jersey Governor, Bill Brennan, filed a criminal complaint against David Samson. The complaint alleges that Samson, then-chairman of the New York-New Jersey Port Authority (and former New Jersey Attorney General), committed an act of official misconduct by extorting United Airlines. (Brennan was accompanied exclusively by Citizens’ Media TV.)

Full background on the crime is at the bottom of this article.

Only one hour after the complaint was filed, the probable cause hearing began. Caught by surprise at how fast it occurred, Brennan apologized to the judge for his being dressed casually, in faded jeans, open button down, and a t-shirt. The hearing lasted an hour and was adjourned until Thursday, April 6th.

On the evening of Wednesday, April 5th, Brennan received a hand-delivered document from Samson’s attorney, Angelo Genova, requesting a further two-week adjournment.

Half an hour before the hearing was scheduled to begin on Thursday, Brennan accidentally encountered Genova attempting to privately speak to the judge (ex parte), something that is intended to be done only in rare circumstances. Genova was unsuccessful; the conversation never took place.

(In an unusual twist, Genova was revealed by Brennan in 2003 to have committed fraud by back-dating documents in a criminal case. At the time, Genova was being considered for New Jersey State Attorney General, an opportunity that Brennan says was revoked as a result of Brennan’s publicizing the fraud.)

This second day of the hearing was attended by Genova and a co-counsel. Additionally, an observer in attendance was later found likely to be an employee of the law firm that used to be called Wolff Samson. After David Samson was arrested, the firm changed its name to Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi.



Request for adjournment

In the hand-delivered document, Genova asserts that a two-week adjournment is necessary because Samson only discovered the complaint the night before (the document refers to Citizens’ Media TV’s exclusive video) and time was needed in order to:

  • avoid violating Mr. Samson’s “constitutional right to counsel,”
  • give Mr. Samson the ability to “cross-examine any witnesses against him,”
  • give his lawyers time to prepare evidence confirming that Brennan has no right to bring the complaint at all, since it has already been tried in federal court,
  • and to argue that, since the New York and New Jersey Port Authority is a bi-state entity, that New Jersey state law does not apply to its employees.

The first three points are each accompanied by specific statutes; the fourth is not. Genova requests the two-week adjournment in order to solidify these arguments with legal precedent.

Brennan calls the final point in particular “grasping at straws,” because Samson was appointed by the New Jersey Governor and approved by the New Jersey State Senate, and is therefore clearly a public servant for the citizens of New Jersey.

Regarding Genova’s claim that that the case cannot go forward because Samson has already been prosecuted for the same crime: Brennan’s complaint is to the state, which is a separate jurisdiction. It is also for official misconduct, a crime that Brennan calls “a more pernicious evil”—and obviously different crime—than bribery and extortion. Also, Brennan told the court that the wording of the statute cited by Genova is explicitly “a crime that is being prosecuted” cannot be prosecuted by another jurisdiction. Thus, since the federal trial has ended, the statute does not apply.

Defense argument: Samson has the right to counsel and to cross-examine

Most important to Brennan, is that Samson has not yet been charged and is not yet a defendant—he has no need for a defense. The very purpose of a probable cause hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence in order to warrant a trial. Before that point, Brennan states that having a defense attorney present at all is “premature.” He is also concerned that this would imply that he, a citizen complainant, must perform the duties of a state prosecutor when, as Brennan says, “the inquiry turns to law rather than fact.”

Analogously, a citizen does not have the right to an attorney before being arrested by a police officer, only after. The officer has the right to determine if the person should be arrested all on their own. The attorney that will be hired by the about-to-be defendant does not yet have the right to intervene in the decision to arrest.

After two-and-a-half hours of testimony by Brennan and Genova, the hearing has once again been adjourned: this time until April 24th at 1 PM, in room 301 at the Newark Municipal Court. The presiding judge is Marvin Adames.

After the hearing, Bill Brennan said, “The system is being bent to the will of one man. He’s being treated differently than everyone else that comes through system.” He also expressed concern that, in the intervening weeks, “pressure maybe brought to bear on this judge.”

Brennan proclaimed this to be another example of the wealthy and the powerful circumventing the justice system: “Regular people do not get to challenge a probable cause finding.” He continued:

When a rich white man commits a crime, the system finds a way to excuse his criminality. The system is controlled by rich white men.

For background on this case, continue below.

The crime: David Samson extorts United Airlines

United Airlines wanted to build a hangar at the Newark International Airport in order to save potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in repair costs. This request, among others, had to go through the Port Authority, and Samson used his position of power to demand that, in exchange, the airline create a bi-weekly non-stop route, allowing him to more conveniently get to his vacation home in Columbia, South Carolina, where he spent weekends with his family. The only available route would require him to drive one hundred miles to his home. The new route would be fifty miles closer, landing in Columbia.

United had already tried the route in 2009 and, finding it unprofitable, canceled it a year later. Under pressure from Samson, it was recreated in 2012, flying to Columbia on Thursday nights and returning on Monday mornings. Samson and others called it “the chairman’s flight.” The airplanes have a capacity of fifty people and were consistently only half-filled. Three days after Samson resigned, the route was terminated.

In July 2016, Samson pled guilty in federal court for bribery and extortion related to United Airlines, and in March 2017, as reported by nj.com:

U.S. District Judge Jose Linares stunned federal prosecutors by sentencing Samson to a year of home confinement, four years of probation and 3,600 hours of community service…. [He] is required to pay a $100,000 fine and wear a location-monitoring device.

The house to which Samson was sentenced was the same vacation home that he extorted United Airlines to take him to. Although he could have faced two years in jail:

[Judge Linares] said he took into account Samson’s lifetime of public service and good deeds, his age and poor health, as well as more than 40 letters of support from friends, colleagues, family members and public officials –including former Gov. James McGreevey, three former state attorneys general and a retired federal judge.

The judge also cited the punitive nature of Samson losing his law license and seeing his name stripped from the law firm he founded. He said the loss of reputation was not insubstantial.

The hearing has been adjourned until April 24th at 1 PM, in room 301 at the Newark Municipal Court. The presiding judge is Marvin Adames.

By: Jeff Epstein
Edited by: Ben Szioli

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Jeff Epstein

Jeff Epstein

Jeff is the co-founder of Citizens’ Media TV. He was a super-volunteer for Bernie Sanders, was one of around forty candidates in the country to be personally endorsed by the senator, and was a pledged delegate at the 2016 DNC. Jeff is also a finalist for Brand New Congress. You can see more of his writing on citizensmedia.tv.

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  • Ken Bank

    Samson has already plead guilty in federal court and been sentenced. This is just another cheap publicity stunt by a failed candidate for governor seeking to promote and publicize his candidacy. It’s rather sad that with all the outstanding issues the residents of this state have to deal with and be informed about, so much journalistic effort is wasted on this story for so little benefit.

    • outtahere

      It’s not journalistic effort that is wasted, it is how politicians act, behave, grandstand, lie, exaggerate and deflect. Don’t shoot the messenger. This is politics; locally, and nationally. We see it every day coming out of DC. The statement coming from Spicer yesterday was just ludicrous.

      It’s also not any one side or candidate, it’s all politicians.

      • Ken Bank

        It is wasted by focusing on a 77 year old man who has already been taken down by the feds and is in no position to do anything for himself much less others. It’s called beating a dead horse, or in this case a “Chairman’s Flight” to Nowhere. For every David Samson who gets caught and convicted, there are dozens of others who have done much worse and never got caught. That is what investigative journalists should be reporting about.

        • outtahere

          You think it’s a “dead horse”, other’s don’t. here’s a piece of advice, see a headline you don’t like; move on. Don’t read it, but don’t trash a journalist because YOU don’t think it’s appropriate.

    • Bill Brennan

      Dear Mr. Bank Samson was sentenced to spend a year at his vacation home. The same vacation home he extorted millions from UAL to reach every weekend. He did not cooperate with any investigation or testify against any official in exchange for his lenient sentence. In my opinion he was given that vacation in exchange for keeping quiet about facts that would ensnare powerful political figures. Under State law Samson must serve 5 years in jail with no parole or early release of any sort. In my opinion no message was sent to anyone by the federal prosecution in either this or the Bridge case (other than – “go ahead and commit crimes, you can have underlings take the fall”) You are in a very small minority when it comes to people who feel that justice has been served. I am pursuing justice whether you feel it is important or not

      • Ken Bank

        I won’t waste my time arguing with you about it except to say that that I stand by my comment that there are more important issues concerning the people of this state than putting a 77 year old man in jail and throwing away the key, and leveraging the free publicity in doing so to promote your candidacy for governor. Fortunately, the Democrats in this state have other choices for governor who are doing a much better job than you are in addressing those issues.

        • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

          Ken you are Blank the 77 yr old man has been screwing ppl his entire life and broke they LAW and should be in jail Period its not a Dem Republicon thing
          Hows your boy Gov Christie doing?
          Trump cut your SS yet? Medicare?


    If I were a lawyer defending Samson, I would have argued that since the crime took place in multiple states, or is intrastate, that the jurisdiction falls under Federal authorities and since he was already tried in Federal Court, the state complaint should be dismissed.

    Brennan doing this sort of stuff isn’t doing him much good. Hope he gets hit up for the court costs!

    • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

      You have NO clue how dirty Samson is and you are not a lawyer and if his lawyer could have used that defense he would have and if you think he didn’t rat out the bridgegaters and that shit doesn’t roll down hill I have a house to sell you on a busy street
      Oh yeah not to mention Samson is a lawyer so your argument has gone to shit
      Samson belongs in jail for the rest of his dirty life

      • USAFWX

        Ok…..However, Brennan doing what he is doing is dumb! Samson being a lawyer means nothing because he is not representing himself. Additionally, this will go about the same way his other complaint went. The prosecutor will refuse to prosecute.

        • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

          Samson belongs in jail for extortion and abuse of power He committed those crimes here in NJ However the current President admitted to fraud when he settled for 25 mil with Trump U There are plenty of guilty ppl who belong in jail and are NOT think Wall st and Banks and Happy Gilmore
          Did you figure out who owns the land locked property? After all why do you think they are ok with the road to Sunrise? 6 mil?

          • USAFWX

            I’m just wondering why you cannot have a cogent comment? Why must you go on about twenty different rants that are all in different directions?

            There is a difference between “civil liability” and “criminal fraud”. Look it up! You may learn something!

          • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

            Brennan has every right you don’t like it? too bad Samson belongs in JAIL Period He cost the airlines millions with empty flights Samson is as dirty as they come I’m multi talented Did you figure out who owns the land locked property? Come on tell us how you are in favor of extortion for traffic lights?
            Union Power
            Beep Beep Toot Toot right down LBD lane
            Where is Petey? Maybe Pete has the cost estimate in the Witness Protection Program?

          • USAFWX

            LIDL not coming to Lacey. Deal fell through due to Shoprite and WalMart filing complaint so the light cost will be bought by us if it happens.

            Brennan does have every right but who wants a person to be Governor who wastes time and money on things such as this?

            Samson is dirty. I don’t contend that. The Feds prosecuted him and the airline for their misdeed as they should have. This isn’t a State issue.

          • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

            I hope LIDL sues the piss out of Shop Rite and Walmart. Putting a condition to HAVE to pay for a light at LBD in a permit is EXTORTION
            You love taxes you voted for a 1/4 mile road for 6 mil
            By any chance do you have a copy of the cost estimate and which “Professional” Friends and Family members would profit?

            Two different things with Bremnan 1 is NOT going to be Gov and the Feds cut a deal with Samson who belongs in jail no matter his age

            The 6 mil dollar 1/4 mil rd is NOT going to help you no matter how delusional you may be

          • USAFWX

            They didn’t and won’t sue…They just pulled out of the deal (heard from owner of A’s). Therefore, light is a non-issue as to who will pay for it or if it happens (it should). The $6 million you cite is what is currently bonded so we are paying for it now anyway (just thought I’d point that out for you) whether it is built or not. Phase one ( to Sunrise) is estimated to cost about $2.4 million. They said that in 2014 in case you missed it. Brennan is running for Governor and this is simply a publicity stunt on his behalf. there is no denying that.

            You say it won’t help me and that may be true as it pertains to traffic on a residential street unless other provisions are put into place. However, it may help the residents of Sunrise get out faster should a catastrophe happen at Oyster Creek and if it saves one life, should something happen, then it is well worth it.

          • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

            Do you remember Sandy? Did anyone die? NO
            If the plant you so favor goes we are all dead
            I say shut it down and build a wind solar farm and Nat Gas Plant if there is a need to replace the power

            As for the Folks in Sunrise again I ask you do you care about the folks down Bay Way? Laurel Blvd ? Beach Blvd or any other area east of RT 9 and why is Lacey the only broke town that wants to piss away money on a not needed road?
            Oh by the way have you figured out whom owns the land locked property? I know
            What kind of Govt worker dumhass buys a home on a busy street anyway? So if you lived on Haines or Manchester would you have wanted Boss Hog to build a bridge or tunnel?
            What will be extorted from T Bell?
            6 Mil Bonded waste of money to benefit the “Professiona” friends and family
            Where is the cost estimate
            Perhaps Gavin can obtain a copy and post it?


    How much is Brennan getting in pension payments? Did he get a golden parachute when he retired by cashing in his unused sick days?

  • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

    Do you think since the deal for A s fell through perhaps he should pay for the traffic light? lol I don’t