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Brick Official’s Resignation Letter Cites “Lack of Integrity,” Political Agendas at Housing Authority

BRICK – The resignation letter of former Brick Housing Authority Chairman Stan Schick, which was made public last week after originally being sent in March, is shedding new light on dissent within the Brick Democratic organization.

Schick, who is the husband of Brick Democratic Club President Barbara Reilly, resigned from his term as an appointed commissioner of the Brick Housing Authority on March 21st, 2017 before his term expired on April 17th, 2017. When he resigned, he sent a highly critical letter in which he described the circumstances that led him to resign. The letter was sent to Brick Council President Art Halloran and members of the all-Democrat township council, and was obtained by Ocean County Politics after two requests made under the state Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

Art Halloran


Without naming names, Schick wrote in his letter that “certain people just couldn’t leave well enough alone” during his tenure on as a commissioner for the housing authority, an apparent reference to political interference in the operations of the housing authority, whose members are appointed by the township council, but act as an independent political subdivision.

Calling Town Hall To Complain About New Board Of Trustees Showed “Lack of Integrity and Character.”

He said that an unnamed individual called town hall to complain about a new board of trustees that was set up at the housing authority which Schick was a member of.

“Calling town hall to complain about the new Board of Trustees was just a shallow attempt for them to gain control,” he wrote. “It showed a lack of integrity and character.”

“The lack of support I received from my fellow Democrats has contributed to my resignation as well,” Schick wrote in the letter. “They did not become commissioners for the right reasons. They certainly did not take the position to perform community service.”

Democratic sources in Brick said that Republicans have even been removed from boards that would seem nonpolitical, such as the township historic society, as the township defies the rest of Ocean County under single party Democrat control, unlike the rest of Republican-dominated Ocean County.

He offered criticism in his letter, implying that Democrats should have been more bipartisan with theirs picks for housing authority commissioners. “It’s a good idea to have Republicans and Democrats on the Board of Trustees,” he wrote. “Some fail to look at the big picture.”

“The responsibility of government is to ensure the safety and welfare of its citizens,” Schick concluded. “Not to pander to a few conniving individuals with political agendas.”

Following Schick’s resignation, he was replaced with Robyn Gedrich, who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination to run for Ocean County Freeholder in the 2016 primary after using the dating app Tinder to promote then-presidential primary candidate Bernie Sanders.

The executive director of the housing authority, Alesia Watson, recently resigned in shame after pleading guilty to embezzlement charges.

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