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Facing Embezzlement Charges, Brick Housing Authority Director Resigns

Alesia Watson, the embattled executive director of the Brick Township Housing Authority tendered her resignation at Friday night’s meeting of the Housing Authority’s board of commissioners.

Watson, who was also the executive director of the Ocean City Housing Authority, previously pleaded guilty to charges of embezzling federal funds while working at the Ocean City Housing Authority.

Federal prosecutors accused Watson of using thousands of dollars worth of federal funds given to the Ocean City Housing Authority by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to purchase gift cards for herself and pay for personal expenses.

Sources familiar with the matter said that Watson was hired by the Brick Housing Authority as its executive director over another candidate from the Red Bank Area, and that Watson was chosen after pressure from the housing authority’s chairwoman, Kim Terebrush.

Shortly after signing a document memorializing her resignation, Watson left and later broke down into tears once inside her car.

“It’s another black eye for our town,” one of the meeting’s attendees was overheard saying following the meeting’s conclusion.

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