Little Egg Harbor Committeewoman Stevens Booted From Great Bay Democrats, Joins GOP

LITTLE EGG HARBOR – After having her membership in the Great Bay Democratic Club revoked, Township Committeewoman Lisa Stevens has changed her party affiliation to become a Republican, public records revealed.

Little Egg Harbor Committeewoman Lisa Stevens, now a Republican

Earlier in 2017, Stevens showed up at a meeting of the Great Bay Democratic Club and attempted to submit a check to pay outstanding and current membership dues in order to maintain her membership in the club, Democratic sources revealed.

After the conclusion of the March meeting of the Great Bay Democratic Club, a quorum of the club’s membership that was asked to stay after the meeting by club leadership, namely the club president, Committeeman Dave Schlick, voted to decline to accept the dues payment submitted by Stevens and cancel her membership in the club. Following the vote of club members, the check was voided and mailed back to Stevens.

Dave Schlick

In the weeks that followed that vote, Stevens changed her party affiliation to become a member of the Republican Party. A review of public records on file with the Ocean County Board of Elections confirmed Tuesday that Stevens is now listed in the county voter rolls as being affiliated with the Republicans.

Stevens, after being spotted by sources meeting with Republican officials in the past, has apparently been welcomed by the township GOP with open arms, with Stevens having been seen at a recent meeting of Little Egg Harbor’s Republican club.

In a 2015 upset victory, Stevens, then a Democrat, was elected with her then-running mate, Committeeman Dave Schlick. During the tenure of both on the Little Egg Harbor Township Committee, relations between Schlick and Stevens quickly soured and Democratic leaders distanced themselves from Stevens. At one point, Stevens forced the cancellation of a township committee meeting for lack of a quorum when she walked out of the room rather than sit at the dais while Schlick presided over the meeting.

Stevens is not the first Little Egg Harbor elected official to switch parties while still in office. Last year, then-mayor Gene Kobryn, who was originally elected to the governing body as a Republican, unsuccessfully ran for reelection as a Democrat after the Republican Club revoked his membership.

Aside from the departure of Stevens, ongoing tensions between factions have left the current club and 2017 slate of candidates fractured, amid outside pressure being exerted on the club from a Republican attorney and two local school board members.

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Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. He can be reached via email at or via phone at (848)-667-0840 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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  • B Mackey

    Am I correct in saying that Lisa Stevens is up for re-election next year?
    What is your opinion on her chances on getting a second term now that she has turned?
    Is Dave Schlick going to be the next to switch teams? From what I hear the Vice President of his club has cut ties with him.
    Seems like the Dems can’t get their shit together and may have to call in for help from the republicans.

    • Guest 1

      I would be so disappointed if Schlick switched teams or got any support from the republicans.
      I voted for him and Lisa. Lisa turned out to be nothing of which was promised. I had high hopes for Schlick. He will lose my vote as well as many others if he goes against the people that voted for him. We voted in a democrat!!!!!!!

      • Cranmer

        Get ready to say, “Good bye!”
        Their win was a fluke!
        Lisa may get a second term if the republicans run her. I think they see that’s she’s nothing but a one term candidate. I honestly don’t think she can handle the pressure. Doubt she’ll run again.

  • Barnegat Resident

    I bet she is getting advice from Susan McCabe


    If anyone wants any proof that there really is NO DIFFERENCE between the parties at the local and county level, look no further than this as evidence!