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Election 2017, Lakewood

Ocean County Election Commissioner, Rabbi Schenkolewksi, Recorded on Robocall Pushing Vaad-Backed Candidates

Lakewood’s Rabbi Yisroel Schenkolewksi, who serves as a politically appointed commissioner on the Ocean County Board of Elections, was recorded speaking on a recent political robocall speaking to voters on behalf of the Lakewood Vaad in support of that organization’s officially endorsed candidates from both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Rabbi Schenkolewski

“This year it is very important to vote in the primary election,” the rabbi said on a recording played on a robocall sent to the homes of Lakewood voters. He emphasized the group’s support for column C of the Republican ballot for the June 6th, 2017 primary election – which is topped by Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno and the Ocean County GOP’s officially endorsed candidates. Schenkolewski also said the Vaad is supporting the reelection of Democrat Ray Coles, who is currently the township’s mayor.

In encouraging voters to support candidates backed by his religious group, Schenkolewski said that it was important that their “…large bloc vote remains powerful.”

Candidates seeking the Vaad’s endorsement in past elections have been known to make personal appearances at the home of Schenkolewski to seek political support from the influential Lakewood bloc vote.

Lakewood’s seniors have caught wind of Schenkolewski’s remarks, and sources familiar with the township’s Senior Action Group said it has been a topic of discussion for members of the group.

The vigilant First Amendment Activist of Lakewood first recorded a voicemail of the call and posted it on YouTube on May 29th. In the robocall, Schenkolewski identified himself as calling on behalf of the Vaad.


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