Seth Grossman: I Ran Against Christie, Here’s Why I Support Ciattarelli

Four years ago, I ran for Governor against Chris Christie in the June Republican Primary.  This year, I am supporting Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli for Governor. In my opinion, he is the only Republican running a serious statewide campaign against Christie’s hand-picked Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.  2017-0226-ciatarelli-fundraiser

I  believe Ciattarelli is the only candidate willing and able to fix the damage done to Atlantic City and the rest of Atlantic County by Christie during the past eight years.

Christie began his mismanagement of Atlantic City in 2010 during his first month in office.   Christie made a deal with Sweeney Democrats to bail out the failed Revel Casino project with big state tax breaks and $400 million in state government loans.

Christie then worked with Democrats to strip Atlantic City voters of their right to petition for a public vote to block local government loans and tax breaks for the project.

In October 2010, Christie’s state officials took over the finances of Atlantic City government.   They sued Atlantic City for spending more than it collected in violation of the state’s Local Budget Law.  But when the state took over, Christie’s state officials let Atlantic City spend roughly $80 million more than it took in for each of the next seven years.  The state gave this city of 38,000 roughly $600 million of debt.2016-0207-christie-debate(1024x768)

Things got so bad that by 2016, even casinos could no longer afford the taxes needed to pay for this.    Last year, Christie made another deal with Democrats to give the casinos ten years of tax breaks.   That was on top of the 110 outlet shops and restaurants and 3,500 “affordable” housing units that already paid PILOT (Peanuts In Lieu of Taxes).  Now, everyone else in Atlantic County is facing big tax hikes to make up the difference.

While Kim Guadagno quietly stood by Christie, Jack Ciattarelli stood up to Christie, spoke out,  and voted against this.    Ciattarelli is the only candidate for Governor who spoke in favor of a municipal bankruptcy for Atlantic City.   As an MBA/CPA and incredibly successful business owner, Ciattarelli knows bankruptcy is the only legal way to cut unsustainable debt and taxes and to have an impartial judge force everyone, including Wall Street investors and casinos to equally share the sacrifice.

It has been my experience that what happens to New Jersey happens to Atlantic City first.   The same pay-to-play political culture that ruined Atlantic City for all but a handful of insiders is causing the same problems all over the state.   During the next few weeks, I will do everything I can to point out specific examples, and how Jack Ciattarelli is the only candidate for Governor with the ability and willingness to fix them.

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Seth Grossman, Esq.

Seth Grossman, Esq.

Seth Grossman is the executive director of Liberty & Prosperity, a former Atlantic City councilman and Atlantic County Freeholder. After his political career, the Somers Point-based attorney had shows on some of South Jersey's leading talk radio networks. Grossman most recently ran against Governor Christie in the 2013 Republican gubernatorial primary race.

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  • Mercy Otis Warren

    You guys are right that the state should leave AC alone and she should suffer the fate of fiscal irresponsibility by filing bankruptcy. You see Christie’s wife is an investment banker and he therefore answers to her and her bosses. They aren’t going to take a bath on the debt payments. But we do have a little problem with Ciattarelli too. He is intimately connected to the medical establishment in NJ (you left out what kind of successful business he ran). And the medical establishment in NJ is completely out of control. They run a pricing cartel which Ciattarelli did nothing to disband while in the assembly. NJ is on a runaway train; just like AC. Let it crash and put your efforts into the rebuild afterwards.

    • Seth Grossman

      One of Ciattarelli’s successful businesses was reading and understanding the ridiculous laws, rules, and regulations that doctors, labs and clinics need to comply with, and then preparing books, newsletters, and seminars that are required so they can comply. It is unfair to blame Ciattarelli for creating the mess, just because he created a business out of helping deal with it. As a lawyer, much of my work involves helping people cope with confusing and unfair laws that never should have been written in the first place.

      • Im Trump the 25 mil fraud

        Did you know insurance co such as BCBS which make millions by denying claims also hire 3rd party co who hire Drs with No expertise in an area who rubber stamp denials which is perfectly legal in NJ I know I called Trenton are you aware and do you agree with it ? I don’t but youre a lawyer surely you know all about those 3rd party insurance co dontcha

      • Mercy Otis Warren

        …kind of how we should not blame Senator Lautenberg for making a fortune with ADP by making it easier for honest businesses to comply with the annual grand theft of April 15. I respectfully disagree that there is no fault. You also cited the precise reason that I quit practicing law (i.e. because I could no longer tolerate collecting payment for analyzing and interpreting laws that should not even be on the books.) And I don’t mean to insinuate that I am free from blame myself, as we all sell out in one way or another. But we can do out best to sell out as little as possible. I am also not blaming Ciattarelli for creating the mess; just for profiting off of it and failing to do anything about it while in the assembly. Maybe Ciattarelli could tell me how it is possible that I can be bound by the terms of a contract without first knowing the material terms of the contract (like how much the medical service or good is going to cost)? I can not conceive of how the people have left their pitch forks in their sheds for so long.

  • Mustang Sally

    idk, Politicians in NJ are just so corrupt. It’s all about the poor for votes and the rich for donations and the middle is left out and F’D.

    Anyway we are all leaving or have left to nicer, cheaper and higher quality of life.

    Good Luck NJ!