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Brick, Election 2017

Independent Mayoral Candidate Canfield: Give Sandy Cleanup Money Back to Brick Taxpayers

Independent Brick Mayoral Candidate Rob Canfield

BRICK – Independent mayoral candidate Rob Canfield argued in a campaign statement that Brick officials should return over $1.3 million that has been allocated to the township by the county back to local property taxpayers by reducing taxes further. The money was provided by the county for Brick’s participation in the county’s Sandy cleanup program.

Independent Brick Mayoral Candidate Rob Canfield

Under the Sandy cleanup program, which drew criticism due to political connections of the firm AshBritt hired by county officials, Brick is one of several towns that will be receiving additional monies from the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders following their assent to the payments, with Brick set to receive $1,304,668.70 allocated to cover Sandy cleanup expenses.

“These are taxpayer’s dollars that need to be returned to the taxpayers immediately,” Canfield said said in a prepared statement.
“This would be immediate tax relief to the taxpayers who are already overburdened by property taxes at all levels of government,” Canfield added. “I hope and expect that Mayor Ducey will see the wisdom in agreeing to my request and amend the 2017 budget as what is best for Brick Township.”

Canfield said that if the budget is not amended by brick officials, the money from the Sandy program would wind up as “miscellaneous revenue” that was not anticipated.

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