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Election 2017, Little Egg Harbor

Little Egg Candidate Proposes Ethics Reform, Directly Elected Mayor

Sommer Fairl

LITTLE EGG HARBOR –  Democratic township committee candidate Sommer Fairl has released a statement detailing her plans to reform township government to tackle corruption with a slate of ethics reforms including a municipal pay-to-play ordinance and a directly elected mayor.

Sommer Fairl, who is on the ballot in the June 6th, 2017 primary election as the Great Bay Democratic Club’s officially endorsed candidate, has introduced a first of its kind government transparency & reform platform. Fairl argues that her plan will help prevent future instances of corruption by making reforms at the institutional level to the township’s local government.

Sommer Fairl (D – Little Egg Harbor)

“I am proposing these ethics reforms because we need long-term solutions to reverse the damage done to our town by elected officials who have only been interested in serving their own special interests,” Fairl said in a public statement about her campaign released on her campaign Facebook page.

The Democratic township committee primary candidate’s plan includes a broad range of reforms, to include a tough municipal anti-pay-to-play ordinance, which would ban businesses that receive township contracts from contributing to candidates or PACs that contribute to them.

Fairl’s graphic promoting her ethics plan

Fairl also believes that the time has come to establish an independent muncipal ethics board. State law gives the township authority to create one, and Fairl believes that an independent ethics board is the proper venue to provide additional oversight of the township amid concerns about corruption that became apparent in 2016.

Lastly, Fairl says that she would back a change in the form of Little Egg Harbor’s government to one that would have a directly elected mayor. She believes that a directly elected mayor would be more accountable to township citizens, as under the current township committee system the mayor is chosen from among the committee members.

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