Little Egg Candidate Proposes Ethics Reform, Directly Elected Mayor

LITTLE EGG HARBOR –  Democratic township committee candidate Sommer Fairl has released a statement detailing her plans to reform township government to tackle corruption with a slate of ethics reforms including a municipal pay-to-play ordinance and a directly elected mayor.

Sommer Fairl, who is on the ballot in the June 6th, 2017 primary election as the Great Bay Democratic Club’s officially endorsed candidate, has introduced a first of its kind government transparency & reform platform. Fairl argues that her plan will help prevent future instances of corruption by making reforms at the institutional level to the township’s local government.

Sommer Fairl (D – Little Egg Harbor)

“I am proposing these ethics reforms because we need long-term solutions to reverse the damage done to our town by elected officials who have only been interested in serving their own special interests,” Fairl said in a public statement about her campaign released on her campaign Facebook page.

The Democratic township committee primary candidate’s plan includes a broad range of reforms, to include a tough municipal anti-pay-to-play ordinance, which would ban businesses that receive township contracts from contributing to candidates or PACs that contribute to them.

Fairl’s graphic promoting her ethics plan

Fairl also believes that the time has come to establish an independent muncipal ethics board. State law gives the township authority to create one, and Fairl believes that an independent ethics board is the proper venue to provide additional oversight of the township amid concerns about corruption that became apparent in 2016.

Lastly, Fairl says that she would back a change in the form of Little Egg Harbor’s government to one that would have a directly elected mayor. She believes that a directly elected mayor would be more accountable to township citizens, as under the current township committee system the mayor is chosen from among the committee members.

Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. In 2017 he created New Jersey's first statewide freedom of information portal, He can be reached via email at or via phone at (732)-504-3636 ext. 1 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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34 Responses

  1. llewellynh says:

    Every community in the State needs this. Way over due.

    • Mac says:

      Agree. It sounds good, but in reality, it’s nothing more than another layer of false beliefs (hopes) that someone else will responsibly do the job the voters need to do themselves. And as we continue to witness all too often, this hasn’t been working out too well for us during the past two or three decades.

  2. Phil Toback says:


  3. outtahere says:

    She can say she has a plan, but she has no way of making her plans come to fruition. She doesn’t have the majority.

    • Catherine says:

      She doesn’t need a majority. She just needs the other 4 committee members to agree to higher ethics standards. If they don’t, then they must be hiding something. (Boy, what a surprise that would be! Ha ha!)

      • outtahere says:

        Clearly you know nothing about LEH. 4 other committee members in LEH? That’s hysterical! It’s one of THE most corrupt municipalities in the State.

  4. Mac says:

    Yes, an independent municipal ethics board sounds like a plus, but how does one keep politics out of it so that it can maintain some respect? And what power would they have to correct problems? When the board doesn’t do what the current powers in office want, they simply restaff it, much like Christie did to the Pinelands Commission, whether you agree with the outcome or not.

    Anti pay-to-play ordinances have worked about as well as the failed drug wars, and besides, they are pure discrimination. It would be better to require any large political donation to be entered within 24-hours on an online website, and all donations to be listed on such within 72-hours. (That includes money raised by public contractors that give away campaign event tickets with large prices printed on them for local picnics, dinners, etc.) The voters can decide for themselves who are the worthy donors and who aren’t. Honest business services should not be restricted from an opportunity to reduce both corruption and the cost of doing business for the people.

    As for a change of government to mayor and council, it’s meaningless. There are 12 forms of municipal government in NJ, but no matter which one you want to apply to your government operation, the bottom line is you either have good and capable citizens in positions of public power or you don’t. Because regardless of the government operation style of choice involved, the results will still be the same.

    It’s too bad the Democrats in LEH can’t come up with a better campaign. It’s not like the Republicans haven’t already given them all the ammunition they need to win the next election by a large margin.

    For two good local citizens looking to be recognized for their ability to make things better for their community while standing on their own two independent feet, you could walk all over both major (yet very petty) political parties in a landslide, and never have to look back. You could be the beginning of a brighter future, for sure.

  5. Linda DeVoe says:

    who is running against her?

    • Mac says:

      no one until November, and then it will simply be another batch of rerun Gilmore wolves in sheep clothing

      • Linda DeVoe says:

        This is a disgrace. i don’t care Democrats or Republican, she is not a good role model for our children or our citizens

        • Mac says:

          I don’t know her personally, but I suspect she can scratch you off her campaign support mailing list. However, I’m unaware of a local Republican candidate who is a good role model for our children or our citizens, unless their future desire is to be a lifetime political kneepad basking in lifetime perks and family benefits courtesy of the taxpayers.

        • Carol Chadwick Williams says:

          what the hell are you talking about…. she is a breathe of sunshine for LEH….

          • Linda DeVoe says:

            then you don’t know her

          • Trumpski 25 mil Fraud says:

            Oh do tell Are you a supporter of Happy Gilmore and Comrade Trumpski?
            LEH shit hole and Proud supporters of Happy Gilmore and Corrupt Replublicons everywhere
            Home of Laurel the nepotism king and FREE LOADER
            Get your Trump gear Make America Great Again which is made Bigly Hugh Disaster believe me in China check the label

        • NotAfraidofTRUTH says:

          Linda, you don’t know anything your talking about!
          She’s a wonderful mother, friend and has been an asset to our community!
          You on the other hand have not.
          I know what you’ve done.
          So shut it!!!

          • outtahere says:

            Shut up with the bs drama. Had enough of this garbage with the last round of “candidates” and their nonsense. This type of shit is for 5th graders NOT ADULTS. He said, she said, he did. ENOUGH. WE NEED A DRAMA FREE CANDIDATE. One that has experience and conducts themselves in a professional manner. THE TOWNSHIP BUILDING HAS ENOUGH DRAMA AND DOESN’T NEED ANY MORE. THE GOAL HERE IS TO REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF BULLSHIT AND MAKE THE TOWNSHIP MORE ACCOUNTABLE AND PROFESSIONAL!!!! Take the cat fighting to the school yard, facebook, twitter, or where ever you need to deal with it.

          • Pam says:

            Linda is the asset to the community but more importantly, a kind and generous sponsor to many of the youth sports and other programs in the community.

          • Linda DeVoe says:

            aww thank you ♡ no worries, I am not bothered by them, I know me and what I stand for ♡

          • Linda DeVoe says:

            I have done nothing but speak the truth 🙂 all good, everyone is entitled to a opinion

          • Jody Saltsman Stewart says:

            Don’t listen to the haters Linda. I know what you do for the children and their families. You are a good person. One the kindest I have ever met. And I see you also use your real name when posting unlike those who hide behind screen names

        • Tell the truth. says:

          Some of the points she makes are correct but she is not the one to fight for them. She herself has many questionable ethics and not a very honest person.

        • Pam says:

          I agree Linda! It’s shameful the way she treats people and the vulgar language she uses in front of children is pathetic.

  6. Carol Chadwick Williams says:

    I truly wish you good luck…… you are playing in the field of the Big Boys Club……You have fabulous ideas and are correct to implement…. LEH is way out of connection……. You are so correct…….

    • Mac says:

      laughing, laughing, laughing – referring to anything in Ocean County, lead by Gilmore, as a Big Boys Club is unquestionably the belly laugh of the month – in 30 years, I’ve never seen an ounce of hope that it could amount to anything more than a daisy chain

  7. Catherine Embrich says:

    Wish i was home to vote. Like everything said. Its how i feel. And yes since i moved to little egg. Questioned why our Mayor was not elected by the people. To much pay to play going on. Good luck. Hope you win.

  8. Jody Saltsman Stewart says:

    Everyone has the right to run for office. ( at least most people do) I will give Sommer credit for throwing her hat in the ring. Unlike others. I am not saying I can support her but I must admit she has guts. And I wish her the best of luck in the race

  9. Tom Meredith says:

    Craziness all around. Comrade Trumpsky??????? Really?
    Sommer a candidate? She has the time available to run, and now the backing so she has every right to run for office. My family and soo many others made sacrifices to ensure that right in our system of government.
    The venom exposed here is just a micro-example of our country’s issues today. We have become completely bi-polar politically and unable to reason or speak to each other with any reason or simple courtesy.
    Unless personal integrity, respect for the greater good, and rational thought can enter the political stage at all levels of government I am gravely concerned about our future as a country. Rome is burning folks; we need to fix BOTH Political parties and how they campaign.
    I sincerely wish I knew a better way, but I do not…..
    How we jump from comments regarding a local campaign that has not happened yet to Comrade Trumpsky is indicative of the complete nonsense we’ve brought into politics through social media.
    There is just too much hate in political interactions these days! Very frightening.
    I would not be able or willing to vote for Sommer but applaud her willingness to “put her money where her mouth is” and follow her beliefs.

    • Don the Con says:

      LOL take the blinders off
      Trumpski committed FRAUD but you don’t want to see it
      Donnie Jr e mails proves he colluded with Russia but I guess that doesn’t matter either
      Any time Trumpski opens his mouth its a lie
      Little Egg is a shit hole of corruption and you don’t wanna see it
      Yep the Republicons are fleecing you and wont or cant see it
      What has the Republicons of Little Egg done for you unless hittem wit it you have to be either a Friend N Family Plan member or a member of the “Professional Friends N Family Plan aka Pay to Play

      • Tom Meredith says:

        You’ve allowed yourself to be manipulated into being part of the problem. You are spouting propagandized drivel for others and have been somehow brainwashed into thinking it is what you believe. If you thought things through with your own intellect and logic you might see more clearly.

        • Don the Con says:

          LOL Your head is buried so far up the Republicon ass you cant see Don the Con Fraud? or Donnie Jr treasonous e mail and if you really think there is no more or its fake news or Happy Gilmore is great or the Freeloaders are doing a great job and LIL Egg is not a shit hole you are blind and really really delusional
          Next you ll tell us Tommy Mac s health care plan is good lol
          And all of that is not fake news and Donnie Jr e mails are not fake either
          Follow the money Mueller and put the Con Man is Jail where he belongs for the Trump U Fraud
          Turn off Faux News Tommy
          Tommy rumor has it Happy Gilmore can do your taxes for you

    • Mercy Otis Warren says:

      You are right that the metaphorical “Rome” is burning. And just like the Roman Empire, the US Empire will continue to burn and for the same reasons — because we debased our currency to pay for foreign military adventures and because the people have been dumbed down by “free” bread, circus and bad education. There is no saving Rome. It will burn until all of the corruption and rot is expunged. The sooner the better; that way, us younger folks can get on with our lives a little quicker —albeit from the ashes.

      • Mac says:

        valid theory – interesting assumption – positive outlook, even if a bit naive – when Rome falls, either as the USSR did without a shot being fired, or as an armed invasion, internally or externally, the leadership that emerges isn’t always as pretty as one might have had hoped it would be

        • Mercy Otis Warren says:

          That is a good point. I guess I am trying to stay somewhat hopeful that the remnant of the American experiment will re-embrace the liberty that engendered her greatness.

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