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OPINION: The Toms River Tax Ripoff

TO THE EDITOR: My first meeting with the Township of Toms River 7 years ago I was told the Girls Softball Complex was needed for the girls of Toms River so they could play all their games in one place, I get that, but what this turned out to be is a business for the Town and the Girls Softball League, the League has been making over $100,000.00 a year for the past 5 years on tournaments.

They advertise their tournaments as the biggest tournaments on the East Coast for people out of town and out of state, while the taxpayers additionally pay for municipal workers to do daily maintenance of the fields, which includes grass cutting , mulching, getting the fields ready to play, watering the grass, cleaning the bathrooms,  opening the bathrooms at 8 AM and Closing them at 10PM and picking up garbage.

First if the League is making that kind of money why are we paying for all of this, does this Town do it for the Toms River Little or Toms River East Little League? Somebody tell me what the League spends $100,000.00 a year on. Making that kind of money I would think no girl that wants to play ball in Toms River should pay any money to the League to play. The League is supposed to provide a police presence, yet in the 7 years of operation only once did they hire police for traffic control. This past week people would stop in the middle of North Bay where it intersects with Whitty Rd so they can back up onto the grass, or how about, they missed the turn so it’s either backing down the shoulder of the road on North Bay Ave or U turns in front of my house, my guess is there will have to be a fatal accident for anyone to say we should do something. The Township is proposing a parking lot behind field 4 again at the taxpayer expense. The Town , the Engineers and the DEP can’t answer one question, is this an expansion of their business or after 7 years have they realized they made a mistake? The DEP sent me a reply that as long as the paperwork is right and the park is approved, they pretty much don’t care if the town turns the park into a business, how is that protecting the Taxpayers Green Acres? I sent letters to the Governor, the DEP, the Engineers we hired again at taxpayer expense and the Township Engineer, what I got was a wall of silence, except for the DEP. Every taxpayer should be concerned about what is going on at that complex.Having a complex for our Girls to play on is great, but that’s not what this is all about!

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