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Outrage After Trump Supporter Replaces American Flag With Trump Flag at Lacey Park

LANOKA HARBOR – Community members were up in arms after a supporter of President Donald Trump apparently took down an American Flag from an area park this week and replaced it with one in support of Trump. A local resident later took action and replaced the missing American Flag after noticing the flag’s removal.

Lacey resident Joe McCusker knew something was wrong when he was at William Hebrew Park in the Lanoka Harbor section of the township last week. He said in a social media posting that he replaced the flag with another American flag shortly after discovering the Trump flag flying in the park.

“You do not remove an American Flag from its post for any reason unless you are ceremoniously retiring it and replacing it with another American Flag,” wrote McCusker in a statement directed to the person behind the incident.

McCusker reasoned that the unceremonious removal of the American flag was disrespectful and inappropriate, which motivated him to take the Trump flag down and replace it with another American flag.

“The American Flag is worth immeasurably more than your shallow political ideas, and nobody, especially me, cares who you voted for,” he said.

Lacey Leads Ocean County In Support For President Trump

Lacey, home of the soon to close Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, is home to a large number of Trump supporters according to media reports.

In 2016, NJ.com crowned Lacey the 2nd “Trumpiest” town in New Jersey, with Lacey being bested only by Lakewood in support for the then-presidential candidate.

In a testament to the local population’s support of Trump, the township Republican Club officially sanctioned celebrations of “Trump Appreciation Day” in Lacey earlier this year, at the urging of a club member.

The identity of the individual behind the flag switch incident is not currently known.

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