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Santoriello: Don’t Reelect the Gilmore Machine

Angela Santoriello

TO THE EDITOR: I sold my soul to George Gilmore is more than just a title to a report written by rogue reporter Gavin Rozzi.

It is a former way of life I conducted for almost three years to gain Toms River Township’s first-ever public information officer position, compliments of Gilmore’s relationship with my uncle Ben Nitti and my own hard work.

Greg McGuckin

Hard work including busting my former boyfriend of a year, then-councilman now Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin and then-councilman now Ocean County Director of  Finance Mike Fiure, respectively for federal liens and attorney ethics charges.

When my name went from a byline in said news reports against Gilmore’s boys to the upper left-hand corner of a Toms River Press Release representing then and now Mayor Tom Kelaher, my soul was sold with no going back. The next two years are a blur of bad behavior on all of our parts. Those of you who don’t know my story, catch up with some of my former Youtube channel videos or news reports.

Speaking of, I find it so interesting  how the link to the report referenced by Mr. Rozzi in his August 2016 article is literally four paragraphs of how I alleged sexual harassment and how  Kelaher said I was crazy. Within that the report is a link to the original Asbury Park Press report,  which no longer exists.

Said Asbury Park Press article and video of me, which reportedly received 30,000 hits in the first two days it was up no longer exists.  Tell me that’s not coincidence that the two largest media outlets in the state slant my story or delete if from their archives, and I will laugh in your face while telling you to walk a mile in my shoes.

Shoes that stepped into a world of political corruption, sexual harassment, adultery and so very much more. That is one of the reasons I recorded the videos Mr. Rozzi refers to in his report “I Sold My Soul to George Gilmore”. Those videos, then and now, were a way of working through the trauma mentioned in my mediation statement that awarded me $144,000 in a confidential workers’ compensation suit used to cover up the truth.

Melanie Appleby

The most significant video is the recording of Randy Appleby, God rest his soul, and myself. I know that video has helped take Gilmore’s former mistress and then-councilwoman Melanie Donohue off the bench as a judge. I am thankful that a woman who, according to her husband both abused and incarcerated her own mother, is no longer able to rule in family court of all places.

My past as I have noted, is just that. I have moved on, seeing success in my writing I would have never have imagined. I have been published in magazines, have author pages on Google with dozens of articles under my maiden name Angela Santoriello.

Now I write as Angela Underwood, my married name. Though I no longer live in Toms River, my family does, which is why I am writing this letter to the editor.  For whoever is reading this, it is imperative to know the very elected officials in office are literally stealing blind from taxpayers of Ocean County.

How do I know this? I used to help them.

Forgiven with a bright future ahead of me, I feel like I did then… that every resident of Ocean County has a right to know the truth about their elected leaders.

Just like when I authored the report that made then Council President  McGuckin step down in his run for mayor due to tax liens, I write this now. Almost a decade later, your assemblyman presently just received another $6,000 lien for taxes, and yet Ocean County taxpayers, some knowingly and most not, will re-elect him to office. Don’t let the smile fool you. Mr. McGuckin has sold his soul, just as I did.

Mayor Kelaher

Then we have Mayor Tom Kelaher, who I am sure has not changed since the days he sexually harassed me and committed sins he knows he will have to face one day before God. And yet, he may be re-elected to office by you or your neighbor reading this.

Like said officials, the blind faith of good Toms River residents re-electing said officials hasn’t changed. I can promise you before this November, if you simply ask for divine guidance before you cast our vote, they will not be re-elected.

There are good leaders out there, but it’s up to you to give them the seats over the current crop of corrupt Gilmore cronies.

My best,


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