Gilmore Defends Rabbi’s Political Robocall

TOMS RIVER – Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore, appearing in his capacity of chairman of the county election board, pushed back against a critic of Lakewood’s Rabbi Yisroel Schenkolewski’s political advocacy on behalf of the Lakewood Vaad at a recent meeting of the Ocean County Board of Elections.

Gilmore quickly answered in defense of Rabbi Schenkolewski at a public meeting of the board of elections when a reporter questioned whether the robo-call political message sent out using the voice of the rabbi, an appointed member of the Ocean County Board of Elections, which oversees the administration of elections in each one of the county’s 33 municipalities.

“It is a political system, you do not lose your First Amendment rights because you are a member of the election board,” Gilmore said.

“There’s no right, there’s no wrong,” the county election board and Republican Party chairman said. “As long as we do it outside of the purview of our duties from the election board it is absolutely proper and legal.”

Gilmore, who has been under investigation by the FBI and IRS for his unpaid taxes and will likely face a full criminal prosecution within a year, then offered a hypothetical scenario, where he said that it he appeared in a robocall and said it was in his capacity as the chairman of the board of elections, it would be unethical, but if he did the same thing personally, there was nothing wrong with him engaging in partisan political activity despite being an appointed member of the board of elections.

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Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. In 2017 he created New Jersey's first statewide freedom of information portal, He can be reached via email at or via phone at (732)-504-3636 ext. 1 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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21 Responses

  1. Gladys says:

    Now that he if most likely off the hook, he is spouting again.

  2. Goodcatchjoe says:

    All Gilmore cares about is the vote and he will do anything in his power to get as many as possible, including, and not limited to, selling all the people of ocean county out to unfair practices by the orthodox community as we can all observe with our very own eyes. It’s a disgrace….And we are letting it happen.

  3. Ed Bruckal says:

    Geogie isn’t the only one that doesn’t like to pay his taxes! Schlick down in the little egg doesn’t pay his taxes either. He had two tax sales on past properties. The didn’t pay his taxes last year on his current property. Walked into town hall with a certified check just hours before his house was going to be auctioned off. Probably because it was written about by another journalist. Maybe, he should sell one of his cars or get a JOB!!

    • Mary Hads says:

      What do these jerks think they are going to accomplish? Where is Gilmore hiding his money or is he paying someone off? Schlick is a committee person? He doesn’t have another job? Getting paid off by who?? Gilmore or the mob?

      • Ed Bruckal says:


        A man with no job except for the ten grand that the township pays him.
        Hasn’t worked in years. I would love for him to explain where all his money comes from. He is the talk of the town. He thinks he is a “hometown hero” but we all know he’s up to no good. A man with no job but buys cars like he’s buying bottles of water. I am sure he has 10, a few boats too.
        Maybe, he is using the insurance money from the house that mysteriously burned down….accidentally. Yeah, ask anyone in town what they think of that story LOL!!!!

    • guest says:

      You are talking about apples and oranges. Property tax of a few thousand dollars compared to payroll and fed tax in the millions, seriously? The are two totally different things.

      • Ed Bruckal says:

        No, it’s the same thing on a different scale. Give the little man time to catch up

        • guest says:

          So you think this gentleman is going to wind up owing millions and millions like Gilmore? Property taxes again are not the same thing. Not saying it’s right it’s just not in the same league ….that is what I was trying to say.look it up, payroll, fed taxes are not local property tax.

          • Ed Bruckal says:

            How can he pay payroll tax? The man is UNEMPLOYED.
            Will he have millions? Depends on how many more houses he can burn down.

          • Mac says:

            And to think the people weren’t happy with their Mayberry Otis Campbell / Don Quixote impersonator. Who would have thought?

  4. Don the Con says:

    Perhaps Kushner can take them with him when he runs off to Israel after he gets indicted after Mondays meeting? No hiding behind Religion folks

    Let us pray

    “Gilmore, who has been under investigation by the FBI and IRS for his unpaid taxes and will likely face a full criminal prosecution within a year”

  5. Mac says:

    I can’t think of anything more powerful in undermining the credibility of the Jewish religion than Gilmore going to bat for it while sitting next to his twin public parasite in the black hat. If there was even a suspicion that there was so much as an ounce of credibility and/or integrity on the Ocean County Election Board, then neither one of these public parasites would be allowed into this building, much less the same room.

    • Don the Con says:

      Gilmore, who has been under investigation by the FBI and IRS for his unpaid taxes and will likely face a full criminal prosecution within a year
      Lets hope he takes the guy with the black hat with him

      • guest says:

        If you really think the FBI looks into unpaid taxes then you are a fool, they would need 10 million agents in this country. Me thinks it is more then that.

      • Mac says:

        I’ll believe that when I see it. In this day and age, I’m more inclined to believe there is nothing in government, including the FBI and IRS, that can’t be bought off with chump change. So sad, for sure, but American values and morals have been in the gutter for decades now. If we weren’t approaching the 250-year lifetime expectancy of republics, I’d have more hope and faith that it was still possible for Americans to correct this undermining weakness. However, they’d have to stand up first, and I’m not sure the majority still has that ability in their me-me-me worlds of fading opportunities.

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