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30th Legislative District, Election 2017, Lakewood

Opponent Blasts State Senator Singer’s Silence on Lakewood’s Troubles

LAKEWOOD – The Democratic opponent of State Senator Bob Singer (R – Island Heights) is taking Singer to task over his silence on the problems facing Lakewood, which range from rampant welfare fraud to school funding shortfalls.

Bob Singer

Amy Cores

Singer’s challenger, Amy Cores, a Howell-based attorney, is the Democratic candidate challenging Singer in this year’s New Jersey State Senate election in the 30th legislative district, which is comprised of Lakewood and several Monmouth County towns.

The LD30 challenger took to social media to take Senator Singer to task for his silence on Lakewood in the wake of massive welfare fraud allegations that recently rocked the township. Cores criticized Singer’s willingness to support giving the town more state taxpayer dollars, and even began an email writing campaign to Singer’s legislative account to try to get a response from her opponent, to no avail.

“My main issue is that we have a senator who does nothing to serve his constituents as a whole,” she said in another recent social media post. “We need someone who will speak for more than one town.”

Rather than take time to address the recent allegations of welfare fraud, among other problems facing Lakewood, Singer publicized a legislative measure he backed that would create a “special envoy” to monitor alleged incidents of anti-semitism within the state, an action that drew the ire of Cores, among other constituents that posted on the Republican state senator’s Facebook page.

Since she began her campaign, Cores has also called out Singer for his close financial ties to prominent Lakewood developers, such as the Kokes organization and a web of LLCs. Cores has lambasted Singer for acquiesing to the status quo in Lakewood, which in recent months has described by some as being on the brink of collapse due to overdevelopment.

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