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10th District Assemblyman McGuckin Pays Off Another Federal Tax Lien

Greg McGuckin

TOMS RIVER – 10th District Assemblyman Greg McGuckin (R – Toms River) has paid off another federal tax lien. The lien was originally recorded in the Ocean County Clerk’s Office in January of this year, public records confirmed.

The lien was recorded against McGuckin’s Toms River home in January for the tax period that ended December 31st, 2015 and was in the amount of $6,771.12. The IRS later recorded documents with the Ocean County Clerk’s Office on May 26th, 2017 cancelling the lien in its full amount.

Greg McGuckin

McGuckin’s tax troubles derailed his hopes of becoming mayor of Toms River in 2007. Public records showed that he has had additional liens over the years since then, with McGuckin most recently paying off another lien in 2016.

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